15 Writing Topics --> Popular Demand

Writing topics for speeches and essays written by education students and teachers and submitted to my online website for inclusion to assist everybody with public speaking preps.

You should say why writing? Well, that's easy. Writing is not only about essays and papers. But also - yes indeed - about informative and persuasive speechcopy.

Follow the links and discover how to turn them good speech topic ideas that you and your group observing your spoken efforts:

Activism - Civil disobedience is morally justified when ... (fill in any example ).

Adolescent - How to resist peer pressure in class.

Children's Rights - How the human rights of children are founded in the Bill of Rights an what it means in practice for kids.

Advertising – The guerilla marketing mix or specialized targeting services and products to children should not promote gambling or gaming devices.

Candidacy - Does an 18 year old has the right to run for office in his local community or should we lift the age of service to 21?

You see? Thanks to my dear visitors who brought them in for your public speaking preps. But it's not over yet :-) The following writing topics are also honorable or worthy for your public speeches:

Consent - The age of sexual consent in different countries in the world.

Age of majority - Why is the age of majority 18 or 21? Both can be separate writing topics.

Alternative education - Students at risk who not succeed in the traditional education forms are better off with alternative schools.

Media - We high school students sure need social media literacy – that’s to say playing with online website apps like the back of your hand.

Medicine - Self-help and lifestyle changes are better methodes to help with sleep disorders.

Mentoring - How to find yourself a prospective mentor for study?

School - Lockers have to be required to students in middle school, a place to keep their personal belongings.

Military - Why military officials should not interfere in democratic foreign policy matters.

Mobile phone - What mobile phone should I choose: a basic cell, smartphone, sim-locked or unlocked? Food for writing topics I can say.

Movement - The 5 cinema movie classics everyone should have seen in her / his life. And why.

Music - The music industry has not given yet the best answer in their guerilla marketing mix on illegal downloading music.

Video conferencing is the ultimate idea for speaking communication classes.