10 Writing a Wedding Speech Hints and Template

Writing a wedding speech or a comical wedding toast starts with this online website speech topics template plus I show you the way to compose funny toasts when you put language down on paper. Collected in an easy question and answer format. Use it to start up the thinking process.

The fist tip is about this issue: When do you have to start your writings?
Ahead of time. Write facts and funny things about the bride and groom down on a blank sheet of paper.

Make no selection or any judgements at this point. You will deal with that later on. The speech topics template below helps to come up with more than enough writing topics that you can craft into a perfect and personal wedding toast.

How to write a wedding speech or toast that is personal?
Give all topics and themes a heartfelt personal twist. Offer insight in the bridal couples' life and what they mean to you.

A template for writing a wedding speech with sample speech topics? Yes, below, including 16 public speaking speech topics:

Template For Writing a Wedding Speech
  1. Introduce yourself.

  2. Explain your relationship to the bride or groom. How do you know them?

  3. Insert a humorous oneliner or personal reflection.

  4. Thank the hosts or organizers.

  5. Close the introduction of your wedding speech with a well-meaned line about the beautiful wedding ceremony.

  6. Tell a funny anecdote about the bride or groom, or the couple.
    Finding ideas and memories for this part is an ongoing process till the very day itself.

  7. Describe them in warm adjectives.

  8. Tell how they met.

  9. Visualize how their relationship became stronger.

  10. What do friends say about their complementing characters?

  11. What passions, hobbies, sports or other interests do they share, and share with you? Inventing this part makes writing a wedding speech fun.

  12. What did they say to you about each other?

  13. Mention how valuable the wedding couple is to you. List some compelling values.

  14. Give some advice based on experiences or perceptions on love.

  15. Close with wishing them a long, happy, healthy and prosperous future. Yes, it is a cliche, but cliches are true :-)

  16. Bring out a wedding toast and give your sincerest salutations.

Writing a wedding speech is equal to incorporating stories, memories, unrevealed details and anecdotes that illustrate, amuse and offer some insight.

What to avoid when writing a speech?
Avoid spicy details of the lifes of the couple; previous spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends are forbidden themes.

Humor and jokes should be good tasted, entertaining and absolute appropriate to the audience and the couple. So, no insight jokes or embarrassing problems.

How to write a wedding toast text?
Here is a simple example for noting wedding toasts texts. When you stand up and raise your glass you can say:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be so kind to join me in a wedding toast.
Here's to Mr. ... and Mrs. ... fill in the names of the bride and groom. Cheers!

Or what do you think of this surprise element? Especially when there are guests from abroad.

Give your funny toasts a special twist by saying Cheers in one of these languages:

Arabic: Shereve
Brasil: Tim-tim
Chech: Na zdraví
China: Gan bei or Gom bui
Dutch: Proost
French: Santé
German: Prost
Greece: Jámas
Hawai: Mahalu
Hebrew: Le'chájim or Mazel tov
India: Mubarik
Indonesia, Malaysia: Selamat minum
Island: Skål
Italy: Salute
Japan: Kanpa
Philippines: Mabuhay
Portugal: Saúde
Rumenia: Noroc
Russia: Vashe zdorovie
Spain: Salud
Sweden: Skål
Thailand: Chokdee
Turkey: Serefe

How to address the bridal couple when writing a wedding speech?
Address both the groom and the bride in your talk. Even when you know one of them better, try to divide your attention.

How long?
Be short. There is no recommended length, but four to five minutes is enough. Not longer, don't be a party pooper.

Index cards?
Look to the audience while speaking and only use the cards for freshing up your memory. Number them. I always do when I have to perform.

Put only keywords or very short sentences on the speaker cards after writing a wedding speech.