by Alexia
(Beatrice, Nebraska)

What is a winner, you may ask perhaps? It depends on your comfort level with the golden subject. That will change the tone and emphasis of your presentation, and this communicates itself to your audience in many ways.

Excessive pauses, 'um'-ing and 'ah'-ing, and apologizing or appearing apologetic for one's position are common early mistakes, and can be easily handled by picking the right one: a winner speech topic so to speak :-)

Assuming you get stuck with defending speech topics you disagree with strongly, try imagining a debate against yourself speaking for both sides, and notice the flaws in your argument as your imaginary debate progresses.

Then, criticize your mistakes as strongly as possible without being rude or abrasive. If you are not convinced of the rightness of your side after this exercise, repeat it, only this time, imagine that your alter ego is talking complete nonsense.

May I suggest you read Jim's chapter on perssuasive subjects.

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by: Yvon

Based in Italy the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps can be brought into postition right away in times of crisis. Chronicle the facts and figures of the platoon under supervision of the allied commanders. The thousands of servicemen and armedn forces battled in action in several international focal topic regions the last three decades.

by: Baozhai, Beijing, China

Explore a few pedagogical issues together with the persons on the seats - that is a real winner siutuation. For example make a study of the functioning of special education teacher teams. How do the work, what are the most important achievements they hope to reach on the long term. for pupils who have problems with learning, dur to emotional, mental or physical disabilities. What are the social and supportive responsibility of educating such children who deserve the right to have good education. How are the special teachers trained to do their beautiful job? Other speech topics could be: What are particular characteristics you need to become a pedagogical hero for children who need our support.

Winner Topic
by: Rafaela, Canada

Record-breaking achievements. The requirements to set an official break a record. The verification procedure. Examples of records. You can make a peerless impression on the history and backgrounds of the governing body of the Guinness World Records organization. Or challenge all to help setting a record together.

Something Works
by: Alice, Moscow

My list: how a tornado evolves, the digestive system digest food, rain falls in enormous amounts, and clouds in the air evolve.

My Profession
by: Saravana, Chennai

Computer professional who removes viruses for you. Show what happened and the solution.

Northern Light ...
by: Sigrid

Tell about the beautiful midnight sun and northern light in Sweden. It's above the Arctic Circle in Lapland, in the far north.

Care of Your Cat
by: Andre, US

1. Smount of food to give them.
2. Give them fresh water daily.
3. Change their cat litter once a week.
4. Time to spend with them.
5. Amount of attention to give them.
6. Sleeping habits.
7. Health habits.

by: Praneeth, South Dakota Well

Well I wrote this becuase I have to do a demonstrative and I experienced how hard it is to pick winners or paramounts as you call it.
Fly a starters RC plane (it is not easy to fly it believe me);
Write a good poem;
Be an ninja (PS Joking sorry);
Fly an real heli (only show this outdoors and only if you are good);
Pot a plant;
Make a birdhouse;
Build a model;
Make jello Jigglers;
Arrange flowers;
Polish Shoes;
Decorate a cake;
Stamp geeting cards;
Fabricate ornaments;
Color eggs;
Make a pinata;
Fold napkins;
Tie Die shirts;
(I will try to add more)

Tropicana On The Twilight Books
by: Lucidity Anne Dean, Palm Coste, US

i am doing a tropicana contest on twilight books so hear is what i have written. do you like the twilight books? the first one is twilight the second new moon then eclipse next the short second life of Bree Taner last is braking dawn. in twilight bella moves to forks, washington and meets this strange boy how turns out to be a vampire and they soon fall in love then james tries to kill bella and edward has to save her. in new moon jasper tries to kill bella and edward moves away. then jacob becomes a werwolf and he can not tell bella so they must brake up. then bella figures it out and they are friends again but bella want to see her visons of edward agen so she jumps off a cliff so alice sees that then edward figures it out and tryes to kill himself. in the end bella saves him. eclipse is about victoria making an army of vimpires to destract the cullens when she kills bella then she wold run but that did not work and edward killed her. the short second life of bree taner is about a girl in victorias army how tries to survive. her and deago her friend finds out sunlight does not hurt you so deago tells rily and rily kills him. bree figures this ouy in the heat of the end jane and the voltori kill her. breaking dawn is about bella becoming pregnant with renessma and almost dies doing it but edward gives her venome strait to the hart so she becomes a vampire. the voltori find out about reenessma and thay think she is full vampire insted of half human half vampire and try to kill her but the cullens prove them wrong and they live happily ever after the end.

Conquering Hero
by: Ashley, Australia

To much emphasis is placed on heroic and epic fantasies.

I Have a Dream
by: Ryan

No english rule in Ireland, please. This is a very debating winning one I guess.

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