7 Wedding Speech Writing Advisements

Wedding speech writing guidance embedded in an incomplex website template meant to fit like bridal gowns for all kinds of occasional master of ceremonies: 

These family-friendly do's and don'ts can be used easily by amateurs and (semi-) professional speakers:
  1. Start gathering relevant and information and ideas for speech topics as soon as you are invited to speak, like these samples:

  2. Know what your place is in the speaking order at the party or ceremony line-up. Do you have to reply a toast or something?

    Perhaps you are asked to introduce and present a gift on behalf of two of more people.

  3. Ask if the bridal couple wants you to speak about a special theme or subject. Discuss and examine the possibilities in case there suddenly is big turn-out.

  4. Don't be negative. Avoid to speak about very sad things in life, and about sex, politics and religion controversies.

    Always stay polite, this is an important speech writing tip.

  5. Don't offend the couple and it's familymembers, friends and guests.

  6. Don't come up with embarrassing relationships of the bride and groom in the past. Especially affairs of the groom with other women are certainly not funny for the bride :-)

    Do not mention them at all - never min there are among the guests ... and try to hide from being exposed as such.

  7. Use a conversational and friendly tone, avoid formal language. Try to see the whole writing process as writing a letter to a friend.

    It helps to formulate easier and more in a uniform consistency.
Yes, but what should I say? - you're asking now. Well, in general speech ideas for a wedding can be divided in 5 categories.

You recognize the order in lots of talks. It looks if she or he just knocks them off but that is often not quite true.

In order of of appearance:
  • Welcome and congratulations

  • Compliments and personal notes

  • Key events

  • Stories and anecdotes

  • Wishes and toasts - often followed by the exchange of (perhaps virtual) presents and concrete gift boxes.

And you know what? This is a small, simple and effective wedding speechwriting template, based on my top 30 wedding speech writing accelerators - just pick out the speech topic ideas you need.

The main criteria are: the style of the ceremony and the kind of verbal address you have to give. I wish you good luck with implementing these wedding speech writing tips and shared know-how!