20 Wedding Anniversary Speech Topics

Wedding anniversary speech templates including 11 speech topics for a guest and 9 ideas for the couple who wants to toast, compliment, praise and congratulate groom and the woman in on eof the most beautiful bridal gowns. They are characterized by the connection between the past and your wishes for the future.

Nostalgia, warm feelings and humorous anecdotes about the past years are the keys. So, do not mention sad or embarrassing things!


1. Express – of course - your best wishes.

2. Refer to the number of years you are married, especially if it is a big milestone day such as a silver or gold.

3. The names wooden, silver and golden wedding are related to the kind of gifts you can give to the pair. Those products are actually topics for a wedding anniversary public speaking speech.

4. Present your special gift and motivate why you have chosen it.

5. Tell a funny story about an important milestone in the couples’ live in the past years. E.g. Children, grandchildren, a trip around the world.

6. Tell what other people say about them, what they mean to their family and friends. Ask those persons for ideas.

E.g. Close family ties.
How they raise their children.
How they care for their parents.
How they keep in touch with their grandchildren.

7. What are some achievements of the couple over the past years? For instance think about their company, home improvement projects, study results or other special projects?

8. What places do they like to go on holidays or what are the places where they like to be?

9. Thank a family member or friend for organizing the party.

10. Express the best wishes of those present at the gathering.

11. End with a toast to many more years of happiness.


1. Try to open your bridal anniversary speech with a light-hearted personal experience.

2. Refer to the number of years you are married. Being creative with numbers and events ould be a leading theme in your talk.

3. Mention more funny or nostaligic incidents. If possible, relate them to one of the guests.

4. Tell what’s important to you and your partner in life.
E.g. Children, special projects, hobbies, travelling, places.

5. Who has been very important to you and why? Express your appreciation to that guest.

6. Thank for the gifts, tell why you like them.

7. If appropriate, thank a familymember or friend for organizing the wedding anniversary speech party.

8. Look to the future in this wedding anniversary speech. Are you on the look-out for something? What do you want to do in the coming years? Draw and wave lines from past and present to the future.

9. Ask everybody to stand up and raise a toast to family and friends.

Last but not least: be honest all the time - they expect you to be, but do not insult when you deliver.