5 Wedding Anniversary Speech Topics Celebrated

Wedding anniversary speech topics you may want to use as weddingplanner when preparing the content texts you want to convey when in front of all celebrating people dressed in their anniversary symbols and colors. Anniversaries are wondering and exciting times when love and commitment is in the air.

While these events are supposed to be fun and exiting, often they end up being a bit boring - a bit? :-)

Why? Well, many times it is the wedding anniversary speeches that end up boring everyone sitting at the diner table. Do something about it, and deliver a great talk on various subjects!

Although speeches are a great part of wedding anniversaries, it is important those giving the speeches make them short, interesting and heartfelt. Those are the keys to a successful performance.

So, if you are going to have to give a speech at an anniversary celebration in the near future, here are some great general wedding anniversary speech topics that may help you out. If it is a general wedding anniversary celebration that you will be giving a speech at, then consider these:

Make Sure You Give Your Best Wishes.

Of course one of the best things to do right now is to give the couple your best wishes for their future. Although they have already been married for some time, it is a great idea to wish them well for their future years together as well.

This is definitely an important part of the wedding anniversary speech and you should keep it short, sweet, and from your heart. In other words: mean it!

Talk About the Years of Marriage.

You can also spend a bit of time talking about the years that the happy couple has been married. This is especially important if it is one of the big wedding anniversaries.

Make mention of how long they have been married and all the happy years they have spent together. For example: 25th, 40th, 50th or golden, and 60th wedding anniversary speech topics.

Tell Humorous Stories.

Humorous stories are a great idea for wedding anniversary speech topics, as long as they aren’t too long and they are not off color. You can talk about the funny way the couple met, or funny stories that have happened to them in the past few years.

People always enjoy hearing something that makes them laugh, so this is a great idea.

Talk About What Makes the Couple Different.

When you are giving a wedding anniversary speech, you may want to talk about what makes this couple different from other couples.

Perhaps how they work together, how they have been raising their kids, or some other big thing that sets them apart from other couples.

Speak of Their Achievements.

This is a great time to mention those things in your wedding anniversary speech topics. Talking about the achievements of this couple is a great way to make a speech at a wedding anniversary as well. Perhaps they have had job achievements, they have gone back to school, remodeled their home, or even been involved in community service.