20 Ways to End A Speech And Closing Statements

Ways to end a speech for if you dont know I listed several from a recapping summary to incorporating an illustrative design example (a human interest story) as final statement to end a speech topic idea.

Classic conclusive statements sometimes are boring. Think about: Thank you for listening. I really appreciate it. For now, this is my conclusion. Thank you and God bless you! Or equivalents of those statements.

But more creative closers work better. Here I list 22 possible ways for ending speeches:


1. Summarize the main speech topics or main points.

2. Repeat a few key words or phrases by using the rhetorical figure of speech repetition.

3. State how your points prove your general and specific goal.

4. Restate and reinforce the central idea.

5. Repeat the tie between the needs and interests of the listeners, and your thesis.

6. Refer back to an anecdote or quotation in the introduction text.

7. Offer a so-called moral of the story.

8. Call them to act and offer them how-to-do-it steps.

9. List the benefits or valiable applications; very effective ways to end a speech.

10. Restate the problem and provide your solution in two sentences.

11. Visualize the outcome of your call to action with a prop or visual aid.

12. Transform your central idea or even the discourse title into an easy to remember slogan.

13. Recite a couple of lines from songs, poems or citations and quotes from a historical presentation.

14. End with a heart-felt human interest story in which all comes together.

15. Finish with a clinching personal anecdote.

16. Close with an illustrative design example.

17. End with a joke or funny remark. Must say that only choose these ways to end a speech if it's really funny.

18. Connect your speech topics with the common grounds and thoughts of the public speaking audience. This way to end a speech brings the overall speech topic in their hearts and minds.

19. Ask a rhetorical question and answer with a easy to remember oneliner.

20. Give the ultimate answer on an important question you proposed earlier in your introduction.

21. Surprise with a shocking fact or figure that empahizes the need for change.

22. Draw the contours of the ideal situation you propose. Visualize that they will see paradise if they do, think or act as you want.

I showed you how to easily avoid boring concluding sentences. My classic motto is: let's face it, there are many ways leading to Rome, so there are many ways to end a speech!

There are some handy sure do's and absolutely do nots on how to end a speech content:
  • The listeners must have the feeling you are really finished. So look at them after your last words and nod smiling.

  • Practice your last words. Write them out. Ask someone to judge your closing statement.

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