Visualization to Improve Your Daily Life

by Jessica

I wanted to educate my class mates on how to use visualization to improve their lives as students. For my visual I brought examples such as a big fake blank check that you can make out to yourself. Or of your goal is to write a book to cut out the New York Times bestseller list and write your name and book at the top. Also how to visualize doing well on a test or speech.

by: Brit, Ohio

These demonstration speech topics are perfect for visualization of daily life acts:
Make Play-dough.
Use a Measuring Tape.
Ironing tie-dye shirts.
Paint with water colors.
To spread out a scrapbook.
To groom and wash your pet.
Ornament decorating a cake.
Work with a sewing machine sew.
Play a game till just plain curtains for the competitor. (Example: hide and seek or your favorite board game)
Compromise with your loved one.

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Natural Balance
by: Alex, Tennessee

Write a speech on restoring the natural balance, health and energy in the daily life of your public speaking audience. Something they remember and give them a clear call to action on they way home. You can rely on some special speech quotes in your examples and proof.

by: Fanny Lea

One method to visualize to improve your daily life is to make a movie of all steps and stages in your thoughts. Step by step you can prepare something you want to bring about to a desired intended result. And thinking about these steps, drafting them in your head, could help you solve problems and find solutions. Describe this process in an expositorial text in public speaking class :-)

by: Jim

@Linda: thanks for your contribution. Your theory could serve as the base for a great idea for a personal public speaking speech. We have removed your email address for privacy policy reasons - we never share that kind of information in public on Speech Topics Help.

Physical Attitude
by: Avinda

I just wanna say that what u want u can take it, life ... You can make your life. Human life is too short so you have to feel the world before u gonna die, be vegetarian, help others you can see the different. Feel the music, travel all around the world, be everywhere where ever u want, meet different people, take experience different cultures, feel this nature, don't give up on your family, make your physical fitness, just be free, don't mess with others.

Personally I'm searching and researching about life and after life, if any one want to share your experience here my mail address: (removed, privacy policy)

How to Rock in Your Life
by: Bob, Zmith

Step one: is to listen to rock music. Know what rock music is, and listen to gain inspiration.
Transition: Now you know what rock is we need to learn how to play an instrument. Step two: is learning to play rock music on an instrument. One can rock out on almost any instrument, save for ones like the triangle or the castanet.
Transition: It doesn?t matter what it sounds like just give it a shot. Step three: drill yourself, practice, and rehearse.
Transition: Never give up!
Step four: Learn some moves so whilst playing your instrument so you can really get into your music.
Transition: Now we can rock lets do it!

Demo Speech
by: Kaly, Ca

Help your personal living environment in eco-friendly terms. Not wash the disches every day. Fill the washing drum not half with your clothe but wait till is it full. Do not switch on the dryer in the summer, whe you could easily hang out your laundry out in the garden drying in the wind - that's free you know :-) Deposit glass bottles, paper, and garden, fruit and vegetable waste in separate waste containers for recycling efforts. Srew in low energy lightbulbs in your evening home armatures for saving money and electricty. Limit your daily shower to six minutes at the very most ... one minute less and you save gallons of clean water. So, my lesson is take them by the hand and lead them trough their home in som kind of virtual tour, act the welwiiling guide who advices. O, a last tip: do not leave your electrical toothbrush charger in the wall socket outlet twenty-four-seven, it pays you ten dollars a year!

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