Virtual schedules on iPads

by Joanne, Paris and Ariel

Virtual schedules on iPads or brutal police force reviewed plus the behavior and rites of soccer fans send in by Joanne, Paris and Ariel. Thanks for those contributions on my website!

Virtual Schedule

by: Joanne

Ipad or hardcopy agenda? What is your favorite? These days you see a lot of (young) people using their mobile or or other WiFi devices such as an iPad as daily platfrom for their activities. What are the pos/neg consequences of handling appointments - typing and watching on your device while listening - it always seems to me that they are not relally listening but internetting. Happened to you too perhaps?

Play the little red devil's advocate ... and share you toughts on what if you use a electronic device and what if you keep things the oldfashioned way and drop lines with a pencil …

Can you discover an affinity with someone in the listereners group in front of you? Can you find an ally who assent with your (oral essay) thesis?

For sure my speech idea is rough and not fully grown to its enormous potential aspects – but play with it in your mind and let me know what you would do.

Police Force

by: Paris Klein

Brutal police force is an eloquent rhetorical hot lead. I like to allot both sides equal time in my spoken prose. From the way of thinking of the peacekeeping civil Hermandad and their leading authorities you understand that tey are there for restoring the rest and calmed staus quo.

And on the other hand the struggle of protesters in the open field of freedom of speech and the human right to express yourself. That significant distinghuisment couild be opened for the audience to give them more insight in the deliberation on both sides.

But for sure is knowing and understanding the responsibilities that seem to conflict and violating social and law enforcement standards and agreements. You could approach this form the book of legal advice rules and governing bills, but what do they mean in practice, what are they worth it when things escalate in a fast tempo on the spot?

Soccer Fans

by: Ariel Hoonan

Informate your public about the rituals and superstitional beliefs of soccer fans. In Europe, sure Asia and Africa and of course in the South Americas – The Europe, the Afric, and the Asia Cup and the Copa Am’ericana, are phenomenal popular sports tournaments. Millions of viewers are happy to join their favorite supporting teams and scream and schout for their field playing heroes. Mention the differences and similarities between the soccer events.

Another speech topic is a derivateof it: the sponsoring of big television leaded and dominated sporting competitions. Shirt sponsoring rules or the authority of the government and national committees that are involved in doping matters like cycling.

And in that respect: seen the interview of Oprah Winfrey with bycicle Tour winner lance Amstrong? Where was he telling the truth and where was he lying again in front of a billion spectators – some psycholigists wre wondering in reaction on questions of journalists about the interview program.

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by: Florian

Snowboarding is fun to do and i like tio say that in my graduate grade at k12 tomorrow. i will show them the basics - movements and to get steady and ready in 15 minutes. Shall i ask a volunteer to practice with me in front of the group?

If yes, is it a nice way to take a newby in gymnastics :-) or should i invite a well-performing sprorting atheltic guy or girl? My iPad can be used to hop on remote control trough the videoas and slides.

I have several different equipment stuff with me to illustrate as visual aids. I will driil to the whol process from the eyes of a beginning snowboarder. Let ye know how oit went ... bye for now!

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