Valedictorian Speech Top-Notch Checklist

Valedictorian speech topics and checks on storytelling intros, special events, friends and fellow students, the don'ts , thank you's and the end part for final departing - without using speaking management software but you can apply them to a graduation address too.

INTRODUCTION - Does your opening statement grabs the attention?

check  A catchy introductory line.

check  Memorable quote.

check  A funny incident.

check  Short poem that reflects on the feelings of the whole class.

STORIES - Check if all stories are descriptive, vivid and not to inside:

check  Stories about the students in the graduating class.

check  Stories about the teachers.

check  Storytelling about the principal, the dean or board members.

SPECIAL EVENTS - Did you reflect in your valedictory on milestones and incidents?

check  Stories about the principal, the dean or board members.

check  Major events in the world.

check  Memorable events in your community.

check  Important storytelling events at your school in the last years.

check  Traditional happenings.

check  Meaningful activities your school mates did together.

check  Popular activities.

check  Classroom experiences.

check  Academic accomplishments and failures.

check  What you have learned some of the events.

check  Consider this moment in time.

check  Reflect on your place in history.


check Thank them for friendship.

check  Thank them for support.

check  Thank them for general wisdom.

check  Thank them for happy moments you share together.


check  Ask them what they like about school, college or university.

check The things they discovered in life.

check  Values that are important to the students and the audience.

check  Popular culture references.


check  Gently poke fun but do not to offend.

check  Avoid cliches.

check  Avoid superlatives.

THE THANK YOU'S - Express gratitude to all who helped you along the way.

check  Thank your parents and other family members.

check  Thank the teachers.

check  Thank the principal, the dean and mentors.

check  Thank the audience for their attention.

check  What did they do for you?

check  What have you learned from them?

THE END PART - A valedictorian speech is a perfect instrument to tell about your expectations for the future:

check  Where has life at school, college or university led you?

check  What are you going to do now in life and why?

check  Wish all graduates all the best.

check What do you want them to remember of tonight?

check  Offer a message for the future.

check  End with a few inspiring phrases or a farewell statement.


check  Double-check the information included in your public speaking scheme plan.

check  What points need clearance?

check  Did you outline your presentation?

check  Lenght: five to six minutes is enough for a valedictorian speech.