8 University Speech Class Topics Revealed

University speech class ideas for eight public agenda and social issues on growing leadership development, the legality of self-help books, and a reasonably pricedhealth insurance program with pro-con arguments. These are also suitable for essay writing purposes.

Public Agenda:

1 - The right on free speech is regulated and fine-tuned by laws and regulations in the past century. List and describe the conditions under which free speech is limited.

E. g. obscenity, hate speech, libel or slander, and state why. There are enough examples to give!

2 - At the moment there is a vivid public discussion and debate whether the right to die with dignity must be made available in all 50 US states or not.

Write a oral report for university speech class in which you argue in favor of self-help books and related organizations, and examine the actual situation and practice of suicide with a physician's assistance in America.

3 - The American Civil Liberties Union defends and preserves the individual rights and liberties as formulated in the Constitution and laws. But many criticize their role from time to time. Especially about liberal bias.

The ACLU is called an arm of the radical left. Proof the opposite and list the con arguments. You can do it the other way around too of course :-)

4 - The mission statement of the Social Security Administration is to advance the economic security of the nation’s people through compassionate and vigilant leadership development in shaping and managing America's Social Security programs.

Explain to your audience that Social Security should not be replaced by any form of mandatory personal savings accounts.

University speech class topics on social issues:

1 - There is much to do about the poverty line, trap or threshold - the gross or net income a citizen must have to participate in society. According to the Census Bureau some 36 million people are living under the line in our country.

Discuss the definitions used, and the conditions and measurement techniques. When can you say that someone is under an acceptable line of income?

2 - There are persuasive university speech class arguments to trim the commitments the United States health insurance program Medicare made to the elderly and disabled to a level society can afford.

Debate about the pros and cons in speech class.

3 - There is a need for organ donors. To put it straight: there's a lack of donating humans. Offer the top 5 reasons why people don't want to be a donor. Bust those myths!

4 - There is bias on illegal immigration statistics. Sort out true rates and numbers in you state or region and compare them with other U.S. locations.