Types of Speech Topics Basal Primer

Types of speech topics overview divided in unlimited and limited preparation categories for educational high school public speaking. Before drafting - whether it is a short message for relatives or a lengthy privilege speech at the House of Representatives - it is important to choose one from among many.

Your choice will determine the contents, tone and direction of the final talk, which will result in an oral that achieves its main purpose. Here are a few examples of speeches that you can choose from.

Keep in mind that there are two general types of speech topics – the limited preparation and the unlimited preparation.


Among all the types of speech topics,nthe persuasive speech is probably the hardest to make and yet has the most impact on the audience when delivered in the right manner.

It is obviously used to convince the audience to make a decision, take a course of action, and change their way of thinking, among other goals. Of course, the speaker wants his audience to do or think as he likes.

The persuasive speech is most often used by politicians, chief executive officers and other individuals who desire a certain course of action to be taken. Examples include a lawyer appealing his client’s case before a jury, a politician asking for the people’s vote, and an environmentalist speaking about the dangers of mining.

See my persuasive section for lists with controversial, motivational, argumentative, problem solution, debate, student council, value and policy ideas.


Arguably, the most common of the many types of speech topics is the informative speech. Its main purpose is to inform the audience about an important idea, a course of action and any other learning that the speaker believes his audience must be educated on.

The speaker’s success largely depends on actually passing on his learning to his audience, thus, the speech’s usefulness as a teaching tool.

In an informative speech, you are well advised to use presentation aids, to reiterate key points and to speak in relatively simple terms. Examples of informative speeches are a student reporting on the results of his research and a tour guide speaking about the place.

In my informative section there are expository, visual aid, demonstration and process topics.


As its name implies, an impromptu speech requires very little to no preparation, thus, its categorization as a limited preparation speech. This is because the topic is given a few moments before the speaker takes to the stage.

You will have to dig deep into your stock knowledge to deliver a good speech. This should be easy when you are a wide reader or a good conversationalist because an impromptu speech is almost like a witty conversation with a family or friend.

In my impromptu section two hundred public speaking ideas based on task words in school assignments.


The other types of speech topics with limited preparation public speaking is the extemporaneous exercise. Unlike other genres such as the impromptu speech, however, the speaker is provided with a certain amount of time to prepare beforehand.

General themes are provided for the speakers such that they have the opportunity to perform some form of research, to organize their thoughts, and to practice their performance.

For example, you will be given a general theme of environmental protection for an extemporaneous speech contest. It may also be that a politician has been briefed on the possible topics for a press conference.

In my extemporaneous section the tips and tricks for extemp speeches.


Probably the most sought-after of the types of speech topics is the inspirational speech. Its main goal is to appeal to the audience’s emotions instead of their logic. In many ways, it is also drafted and delivered to encourage the audience to make positive changes in their lives, in their communities and in the world.

Examples of inspirational speech are the commencement speech to graduates from an alumnus, the motivational speech from a chief executive officer to the organization, and the religious sermon delivered by the pastor to his congregation.

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These are just a few examples of the types of speech topics, of course, since we can mention ceremonial, acceptance and entertaining speeches as other examples. Still, virtually all of these fall into the abovementioned categories. See the navigation bar or my homepage.