Tropicana Public Speaking - The What, How and Why

The Tropicana Public Speaking speech contest explained. This competition is an excellent summer school concept and great way to instill and design self confidence and strong communication skills in children who then have big chances of maintaining those traits as adults.

Especially for young people who are afraid of public speaking it can be a challenging eye-opener. Same goes for beauties in pageant dresses who are willing to know what to do and say at the right moment.

Sponsored by the Tropicana corporation famous for its delicious orange juice (sorry for the commercial break :-) the contest is held for children in Florida in grades 4 through 6. Each year, this beautiful engaging series of events helps thousands of children to learn how to properly write and deliver public speeches between two and three minutes long on so-called special tropicana public speaking speech topics.

They have to come up with ideas and examples themselves, and teachers of course may help them on their way to the stage and competition.

Hundreds of thousands of children throughout forty-six counties in Florida have participated in the contest through the years. With lots of success and young personal acquirements!

All children who participate are given a Certificate of Participation in a different color and design that indicates their grade level. The organizing standing committee also provides:
  • One summer school camp scholarship for the 6th grade county-level winner;

  • And one scholarship for the elementary (that is to say grade 4 or 5) county-level winner.
But there are more rewards for speaking superiority in the Tropicana public speaking world. There are also:
  • Classroom winners of ribbons (first through third place);

  • School-wide winners of medals (first through third place);

  • And first through third place plaques plus a roving trophy on the county level.
The speaking curriculum is put together in a way that complements the classroom education and development learning cycle. As said before, also usable for rivals in pageant dresses at the stage ...

Former Florida teachers and participants said that writing and giving the speech helped prepare them to take account of the guidelines and practice parameters for the Florida Writes writing assessment prompts.

In addition to the Tropicana Public Speaking competition sponsorship, it is administered by the Miami-Dade County / University of Florida 4-H Youth Development Program. One thing is sure: all individual, county summer school or district student results are increased significantly in the past years.

Perhaps this idea could lead to other good initiatives in the rest of the nation or even in the world - new children's speaking competions! Who knows ...