4 Topics for Public Awareness Speech Sketches

Topics for public awareness speech projects on making the people interested in applying for jobcoaching, using and interpreting interactive media, and understanding the urgency of charity funds and the most concentrated essence of the interesting issues you bring in for discussion and debate in all kinds of public speaking sessions.

I will give four examples of main points for each of my four suggestions. So you can work them out easily when you are in a hurry to fix that assignment for speaking on topics for public awareness speech talks :-)

Interactive Media Entertainment Gaming Is Good For Young People
  1. Game players improve their analytical and logical thinking ability.
  2. You are able to handle problem solution situations at a creative manner.
  3. Gamers are better decision makers in great pressure cooker events.
  4. Most people who game are good in mathematics and grammar.
  5. You learn to be alert and concentrated for a longer period.

Ban Fast Food Restaurants!
  1. Those restaurants make kids and teens who are overweight more likely to getting obese.
  2. They serve a lot of bad and horrible unhealthy products according to a lot of people.
  3. They deminish our own creativity in eating diversity and your own cooking creativity in the kitchen.

Two of my other original ideas for the best speech topics for public awareness speech presentations:

School Does Not Teach You The Things In Real Life That Matter
  1. No sufficient jobcoaching and interview training, career development and writing a good resume.
  2. No lessons on building and enhancing relationships in private life.
  3. No coaching on the common working space and work floor issues.
  4. No education on creating a stable personal finance and budgeting plan for future things to come.
  5. No cultivation practice or what so ever on how to behave in special, celebral and ceremonial situations.

Why Should I Donate To Charity Funds? is the fourth appealing in my topics for public awareness speech series:
  1. Charity donations could be a great tax planning strategy due to the benefits.
  2. Giving money to those who help the less fortunate makes you feel you are making the world a little better.
  3. Honor the memory of someone who has passed away by helping a charity fund she or he has cared about by donating or a hands-on volunteer action.
  4. You help the things life you care about, donations are direct reflections of your values and perspectives
  5. Supporting community play grounds and social facilities can have an indirect benefit for yourself.

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