20 Topics for Demonstrative Speech Presentations

Topics for demonstrative speech class orals on the scottish bagpipe, your personal communication skills, fashion walking clothes, and body fat measurement plus tips for selecting an explanatory or illustrative public speaking topic.

Show, expose and visualize the process, the steps, the various stages and noteworthy phases with props and other visual education methods. Let these twenty public speaking plans come alive:

1. How fireflies in the garden
    give light at night.
2. How to design and build raised
    planting beds.
3. Basic Yoga poses and
    postures demonstrated.
4. The offside rule in soccer play explained.
5. How to play a Scottish bagpipe, or great rare Indian musical instruments.
6. The school prom night dress code analyzed and judged.
7. Best ways to feed wild birds in the winter.
8. Sacred geometry symbols, patterns, shapes and forms in architecture.
9. Body fat measurement for sports athletes.
10. Italian weddings and their passionate traditions.

Apply these tips before you select and refine the sample topics for demonstrative speech presentations:
  • Consider your time frame;
  • Your personal communication skills, capabilitie, and abilities;
  • Your own interests that arouse or stir you up regarding to the chosen subject;
  • And of course creative visual aids for clarifying the topic of your public speaking plan.

John Ruskin Art critic science impression on topics for demonstrative speech presentations to broader thinking

Another series for demonstrative oral communication:

11. Catcher hand signals in baseball and how to recognize them.
12. A checklist for buying a life vest for water sports.
13. Fashion in walking clothes to shed as well you warm up.
14. How the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes.
15. How to stake a rose bush to get more flowers.
16. Making fake UFO photo's is not difficult.
17. ABS, or Anti-Lock Brake System keeps you safe.
18. Marinate jumbo-size shrimps for your barbecue.
19. G-powers (hydraulic or pneumatic gravitational potential energy) in roller
     coasters and the physiological effects of acceleration on humans.
20. Tips for more privacy in a high school or college facebook.