My Topic for Personal Experience Speech Outline

Example topic for personal experience speech organized in the classic persuasive outline on the aftermath when a belived husband has suffered from a heart attack and needs regulary medic examination. I have developed this for a visitor who wants to convince the audience that one's life changes dramatically after suffering a heart attack and that it can happen to all of us.

Yes, a very private topic for personal experience speech: 

Speech Title: How a Heart Attack Changed Our Lives Forever


Gain attention - List the headlines of what happened when you discovered that your husband had a heart attack.

Use the What Happened Pattern - main events in chronological order. Be brief in this stadium. Offer just enough to make them want to hear your whole topic for personal experience speech.

Tie to the audience - Draw the contours of you life till then: man, woman, happy family, age, jobs, children, etcetera. A recognizable 'profile'.

State the main message - What happened to us, can happen to everybody. I will show you.

Preview main points - What actually is a heart attack? The medical consequences. People's reactions. Changes in daily habits and the acceptation of the emotional changes.


Main Point 1
What is a heart attack.
a. Offer statistics on how many persons a year suffer from a heart attack.
b. Relate the symptoms to what happened on that very day.
c. Tell how you both reacted, describe emotions.
d. Conclude with one sentence on what you feel.

Main Point 2
Medical implications.
Not the techniques, but what you saw, personal feelings and thoughts.
a. First aid.
b. Hospital care.
c. Long term medical examinations.
d. Conclude with what you think of it.

Main Point 3
Reactions of family, friends and collegues.
a. How they react then. Support?
b. How they behave now. Comfort?
c. Changes in the relationship with them, better, stronger, worse?
d. Conclude what the most important change is.

Main Point 4
Daily habits.
a. What you did together before the attack.
b. What you can do now.
c. Adjustments in the ordinairy daily routines.
d. Conclude with what the biggest changes are in your relationship.

Main Point 5
Acceptation process.
a. How you have learned to accept.
b. Who and what have helped you both in picking up your lives.
c. Conclude what the both of you have learned.


Summary - Summarize the conclusions of the main points in other words.

Tie and circle back to the introduction in the beginning.

Mention overall feelings and the acceptation process.

Final remark - Offer the most valuable advice you can give.

Et voila, as the French say :-) you now know how to outline your topic for personal experience speech by studying this example of organization.