4 Topic For Informative Speech Provocative

Topic for informative speech list for college and university communication lessons about the hierarchy of needs, personality tests, neurologist Sigmund Freud, and women bosses. Plus examples of mainpoints and and sub-lines to express in paragraphs.

Note this before you begin to doubt: these four speech ideas are somewhat more difficult, but your teachers and professors like it when you choose an advanced topic for advisory and chatty presentations!

The Hierarchy Of Human Needs Theory Of Abraham Maslow.
American professor of psychology Abraham Harold Maslow (1908 - 1970) created his famous pyramid or hierarchy of needs, throw light upon the bottom to the top of the hierarchical form:
  1. Biological and physiological needs.
    1. The air we need to breathe.
    2. Food and drink.
    3. Shelter and warmth.
    4. Enough Sleep.
    5. Good sex.

  2. Safety and security.
    1. Protection and security needs.
    2. Law and order requirement.
    3. A stable home environment.

  3. Love and Belonging.
    1. Family and affection.
    2. Relationships.

  4. Esteem.
    1. Building self-esteem. (Nice if you suffer from fear of public speaking ... ahum :-).
    2. Independence from other people.
    3. Responsibility.
    4. Status in society.
    5. Achievements and progress.

  5. Self-Actualization.
    1. Realising personal goals.
    2. Personal growth.
    3. Fulfillment.
The next topic talk is always a winner for thousands of public speakers, because everybody from time to time tries out personality tests, in papers, magazines and online ...

Peter Russell Author delineates the correlating network of our topic for informative speech hints Dangers Of Personality Tests.
  1. Some are controversial.

  2. Varying degrees of competence and integrity.

  3. Secret methodologies.

  4. Not enough information on how well it work.

  5. Some candidates could become dependent on the outcomes and try to behave like it. Especially persons with a identity disorder.

  6. Hardly no official regulation.

And now a more difficult topic for informative speech presentations:

Some Ideas Of Sigmund Freud.
Sigismund Schlomo Freud (1856 - 1939) was an Austrian neurologist, founder of the psychoanalysis. He created theories and you could write a speech on each of them if you like:
  1. The three levels of consciousness: the conscious, the pre-conscious and the unconscious.

  2. The theory of libido and narcissism in relation to our human sexual instincts.

  3. The structural Model of Id, Ego, Superego a person developes in the first years after being born.

  4. Defense mechanisms against:

    1. Neurotic anxiety, the unconscious worry that we will lose control.
    2. Reality anxiety, the fear of real-world events.

  5. Moral anxiety, the fear of violating moral values.

  6. The Psychosexual Stages of Development: the Oral Stage (Birth - 18 months), the Anal (18 months - 3 years), the Phallic (3- 6), the Latency (6 to puberty), and the Genital Stage (puberty and onwards).

  7. Repression method: the biological tendency to action helps us to throw unacceptable desires away.

A topic for informative speech class that could case debate!

The Benefits: When Your Boss Is a Woman.
  1. Women are interested or affected with the well-being of their employee's.

  2. They tend to be more open to suggestions, thoughts, notions, and ideas.

  3. They are conscientious with details and little things in the workflow.

  4. The tend to have a straightforward approach to problems and see things from a broader perspective.

  5. Ten percent of the male workers prefer a female employer.

  6. A quarter of the women workers give priority to a female boss.