The Squid's List

by Sid the Squid
(New York, New York, United States of America)

Acquain a friend, construct a spoon stick under your nose, to knit a scarf, earn money quick, care for a dog's fur, dress a mohawk knot (hair style), find research for a report, redeploy the best website, get a high score, give birth (just kidding :-) write a good demonstration lecture, be a teacher's pet, get an A in your hardest class, study for the test e.g. Washington Assessment of Student Learning (Wasl), American College Testing(ACT), Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), whatever it is), earn a scholarship, get a job, shake lemonade out of lemons (literally), speak like you know what you are doing, meet to know someone, smile when you are unhappy inside, wear fashion underwear, apoligize for bad joke to do good, get a safe sun tan, draw (an eye, a nose, a giraffe, a person whatever), survive the school lunches, become school president of the student council, find your inner animal, get a guy to like you, deal with stress, meditate a la Indian yoga gurus, to be smart and act like a wise guy.
Hoped this helped. ^u^

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by: Maoi, Vyshny Volochyok

math calculation speech topic
Mathematics is for many of us an awful pain, Some like it and are very good in algebra and trigonometric functions. But for the poor souls that have not the talent to understand there are many ducky video tuition lessons you could transcribe almost plainy
into a talk for a group. I have done it myself and I think it worked! Girls and boys that did favor maths before, now to learn more. Since I accustomed a few audio visual aids and shaped a two way interactive communication of telling what I feel disposed when I do my homework. These treasure educational training means fall to the lot if you research. Do youself a favour and do as I did: translate a video into a lecture.

by: John

Good demonstration speech topics about horses start with saddles, bridles... and more about horseback riding.

Demonstation Speech Topics
by: Natalie, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Jerk
Electric Slide
Hokey Pokey

How to make someone smile
Tell a knock knock joke
Tell a successful "YO MOMMA" joke
Diss on annoying people

by: Anonymous

What makes a friend?

Demonstrative Speech Topics
by: Erin, Frisco, TX, US

Glow up a pickle glow in a safe camp fire
a potato battery with some wire and special fluid and a transistor.

To Walk The Walk
by: Tom, Sioux Falls

To walk the walk

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