28 Terrorism Consultant Speech Topic Thoughts

Pretend you are a terrorism consultant and write a public speaking speech setting forth the keynote on global crime protection and risks such as a bullet proof car or tourist travel warning signs and water supply guardianship. Here are twentyeight ready to go statements and thesis questions for an interesting speech topic assignment! Hey, they are not my personal opinions ... 

1. Methods police officers use to controll access to explosive devices. <br>

2. Weapon detection should be unnoticeable to persons under inspection. <br>

3. Bomb-detection ways at international airports. <br>

4. Every company must develop a business continuity plan in case of global crime events and incidents. 

5. How a civilian bullet-proof passenger car is built.
6. Why you can not notice safety measures.
7. Should our nation have a chemical and biological weapons program?
8. Explosives detection walk-through portals most of the time are not sufficient.
9. How terrorism consultants could help your local community to prepare for serious dangers.
10. What to do when the targets are natural resources or the environment?

11. Possible threats to our food supply chain and what to do against them.
12. Risk modeling, an explanation of this science technique for infrastructure preparedness - e.g. public buildings, monuments, ports, energy plants, communication infrastructures, broadcast networks.
13. So-called discombobulation consulting services do much more than analysing trends and scenarios.
14. What to do and what not when evil regimes unleash a RDD - radiological dispersion device or dirty bomb.

15. Top 3 socio psychological issues in oppression campaigns and how to beat them.
16. What the government should tell the public about threats, and when and how we should be informed.
17. A terrorism consultant is not a spy, he does more than watching secretly for people with hostile purposes.
18. How to protect sports stadiums, railway stations, marine ports and other public venue.
19. We should be focused on water supply protection in the upcoming decades.
20. Types and codes of tourist travel warnings, and their means.

Or write a speech presentation about political and religious extremist groups. E.g.:
  • The Irish Republican Army - IRA
  • The Baader-Meinhoff Gang in Germany - RAF
  • The Italian Red Brigades
  • Basque Fatherland and Liberty Group in Spain - ETA
  • Canedian Front for the Liberation of Quebec
  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad - PIJ
  • Sikh Moslem Fighters in India
  • Moluccan Freedom Fighters
And tell who they are, what they do, why, how, major incidents, attacks and armed violence, and what you as a senior terrorism consultant on global dangers should advice your government or private client in relation to these groups.