20 Terror Expert Speech Topics

Terror expert issues and theses on security services in the western hemisphere, for developing speech topics or founding a personal organizer research paper essay on the most feared global crime of today - terrorism: 

1. How the CIA can track terrorists by analysing their authentic communiques, photos and videos.
2. An explanation of the four general goals of the Homeland Security Department as stated by the government.
3. Our federal laws should be changed to intercept mobile text messages used to rally enemies.
4. The independent and bipartisan 9-11 Commission assignment, its goals, its research and its main conclusions.
5. Guerrilla professors should investigate the rules for the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

6. The United States Patriot Act contains many controversial portions on the mandates of security services that should be wiped out immediately.
7. The so-called War on Terror is based on a hidden agenda of one single terror expert in the White House.
8. Strategic defense and ethics do not match or do they?
9. What is state-sponsored tyranny and what to do against it?
10. How governments make political distinguishments between the terms FTO and liberation movement.

11. A comparison between the official definitions of terrorism of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China and Pakistan - or other nations if you like.
12. The history of global crime and its effects on your local community.
13. Major international anti-agitation treaties and conventions and their accomplishments.
14. The effect of counterterrorism legislation, regulation and laws in Southeast Asian countries on ordinary people.
15. Atrocities of the Red campaign of the Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia at the beginning of the previous century.

16. Every terror expert must research how we should respond to chemical and biological threats and violence.
17. Who has been classified as practitioner of religious - Christian and/or Islamic - revolution?
18. The danger of reactionary conservative groups and individuals in the western hemisphere and ways to outlaw them.
19. Major incidents and their human and diplomatic consequences in the first decade of this millenium.
20. The lay-out of the pan-Islamic ideology of Al-Qaeda and the implications for our foreign policy strategy.

Again, all subjects, speech thesis claims, assumptions and propositions on this and other pages of my reference guide for public speakers are not my opinions ... they are collected in the past years in my personal organizer for spoken assignments. They are just meant to tickle your imagination.

Let the good ideas for a paper or talk on views of a global terror expert flow out of your pen! Remember, I'm certainly not uch an advior, you know :-)