75 Student Speech Topics Roots

Student speech topics that are adapted from the list of public speaking skills I use in my educational handout with instructions and tips to my students to help them developing persuasive and informative oral tasks. Now you can scan this educational school reference material too! Note that all writing ideas from copyright rules, legal agreements to Supreme Court nominations can be transformed with a little bit of smartness into talented public speaking speeches for school. Up to you :-) 

I have divided the subject matter in three paragraphs. The first offers general informative ideas, the second paragraph more specific ones for homework on persuasion issues, and the third contains foreign policy student speech topics:

General ideas for informative oral assignments:

1. African Americans
 2. American Cultures
 3. Asian Americans
 4. Career Planning
 5. China Art
 6. Cinema
 7. Civil Liberties
 8. Colonialism
 9. Constitution
10. Copyright Rules
11. Democracy
12. Folktales
13. Health Infrastructure
14. Higher Education
15. Hispanic Americans
16. Illiteracy
17. Medicare
18. Migration
19. Mythology
20. National Service Programs
21. Nursing
22. Transportation
23. Western History
24. Women's Studies
25. World Cultures

Persuasive keynotes for college students - without annotations:

 1. Alternative Energy Resources
 2. Biomedical Ethics
 3. Budget and Taxes
 4. Child Policy
 5. Civil Justice
 6. Climate Change
 7. College Costs
 8. Economic Growth
 9. Emergency Preparedness
10. Enron Scandal
11. Famine
12. Federalism
13. Gambling
14. Health Care Access
15. Homeland Security
16. Human Rights
17. Illegal Drugs
18. Immigration
19. Infectious Diseases
20. Internet Freedom Privacy
21. Medical Research
22. Missile Defense
23. Non-Violence Movements
24. Obesity in America
25. Public Safety
26. Quality Standards
27. Etnicity
28. Religions
29. Reproductive Health
30. Right to Die
31. Silent Majority
32. Social Security
33. Supreme Court Nominations
34. Volunteerism
35. Welfare and Poverty

A list of foreign policy student speech topics to close this small edu chapter. These are just three of the many lists of public speaking topics for students on my website.

So, I give you a simple but really effective advice: browse, jump and hop around, enjoy, and find themes for succeeding passers!

 1. Biosafety Protocol
 2. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
 3. Diplomatic Security
 4. Fighting Global Corruption in Business
 5. Foreign Aid
 6. Iran
 7. Labor
 8. Middle East Stability
 9. Nonproliferation

And finally some student speech topics that always work as they are broad themes to dive in - use your 'less effort and huge effect' school homework strategies :-)

10. Political Instable Nations
11. UN High Commissioner for Refugees
12. Treaties and Legal Agreements
13. US Leadership
14. War Crimes
15. Western Hemisphere Affairs.