Speed of Speech Calculators

Speed of Speech calculators to time the lenght of your stump and to calculate your personal rate of words per minute. Plus: a Speed Ratio Chart. Handy tools for public speakers who have to perform on stage - from high school students and Toast-master International members to professional writers! Here you can easily:

1. Calculate the length of your text in minutes and seconds;
2. Time your personal number of words per minute;
3. Look up how many words you need for 1 to 10 minute speech topics.

The speed of speech of most public speakers can vary from 80 up to 160 words per minute. Look closely to several important rating factors and pointers that influence a normal pace in class for example...
In general, we could state that you speak Slow when you score 80 to 100 Words Per Minute.

The Average talking frequency of human beings is 120 WPM.
And a Fast acceleration pace is 140 to 160 WPM.

STEP 1. Calculate The Length of Your Text

text length calculator
Copy and paste your text here, enter, and see the total number of words:

Number of words:

Select your tempo here:
Don't know your speed of speech? Use the tool in step 2!

The approximate length is:

STEP 2. Calculate Your Speaking Words Per Minute

First: Read the example text in the form below out loud (400 words) and time it with the Timer.

Second: Type the exact number of seconds in the box below.
Now push Calculate. And there you are: your personal speed of speech.

That's all!
Sure you can type in another word count, for example you have written by yourself.
You can use the Length Calculator in step 1 above. Just copy and paste your words there, enter, and you see the word count!

personal rate of words per minute

1. Start the timer.

2. Read the sample text out loud, like you are delivering an oral address.

3. Stop the timer.

4. Now enter the exact number of seconds in the little box below.

5. Calculate your personal WPM!

I read this sample text out loud to time my personal speed of speech. In other words, I would like to know how many words per minute I will score after reading and timing these 400 words!

In the meantime, let me tell about the relation between pace and comvincing. Scientists have discovered an amazing effect.

When the audience members do not agree with the central idea or key message, a public speaker with a high gallop is more well-grounded than an average or slow speaker.

But on the other hand, you are more convincing and most cogent if you talk slow when the audience have sympathy or a good feeling about the issue discussed. See for more details on this subject "Rapid Articulating May Promote or Inhibit Persuasion Through Its Impact on Message Elaboration" written in 1991 by Stephen M. Smith and David R. Shaffer from the University of Georgia.

So calculating your average speaking words per minute is a nice idea after you have find out whether your audience is hostile or friendly towards your speech topics idea.

Why? When you deliver a central idea they do not like, they have hardly time to think about arguments against the statement when you choose for a high spurt. That is to say, more than 160 words per minute... wow, a real speed disquisition :-)

You could be very convincing when you talk in a slow speed of speech about interesting ideas they already support, because they have time to understand, judge and assess the worth of your arguments in a positive way.

And what's a good conversational tempo for conveying information?

Understanding the Smith-Shaffer Theory, a slow or normal oral style is the best for an informative. Especially in a learning environment - school class for example.

If you choose for less words and terms in sixty seconds - now and then it's good to pause - then your listeners have the chance to fully understand each phrase. They are able to think about it and elaborate on the stuff you try to communicate. In particular concerning technical, or mathematical speech topics on processes and procedures.

On top of that, non-verbal gestures are important presentation skills too. But that's another story...

Now I will stop the timer, enter the exact number of seconds in the little box below, push the Calculate button, and see my personal speed of speech!

Enter the exact number of seconds you have timed:

= seconds

Enter the word count:
(the default example above counts 400 words, change the number in the box for your own texts)

= word count

Your Personal Rate of Speaking Words Per Minute:

STEP 3. How Many Words For 1 to 10 Minute Presentations?

Discover how many words (approximately) your need to speak in the allotted time. Remember: 120 WPM is the average pace for most public speakers. WPM means Words Per Minute - your speed of speech ratio:

public speakers ratio chart

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