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Who Is
This site started in November 2005, and is edited by Jim Arthur Peterson.

A personal coach for many public speakers and has over 15 year's experience in speechwriting efforts. He also is Expert Author on Public Speaking and Speech Writing for EzineArticles. In 2006 they honored him with a Platinum Membership for sending in quality articles on speech topic ideas. Only a small fraction of the thousands of authors ever obtain this status.

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In The Beginning
I love inventing topics for public speaking and speechwriting. Often my students ask me for advice.

Winston Churchill on the difficulties of talking in public about me, myself, and I
Instead of explaining my speech writing how-to steps many different times, I thought a website would be a lot easier for everybody.

It took me some years to select and refine the tips and lists of ideas. But it was worth it. The Online Speech Topics Guru was born. Everyone - see my site demographics - in the world now can find and learn how to develop good speech topics.

Thanks to an old school friend and Dr. Ken Evoy, who helped with the technical web stuff for the first 2500 ideas.

Speech Topics Help About Me: The What's New Blog
My site offers you free help and more than 10,000 ideas for persuading, informing, demonstrating, entertaining, motivating and inspirating your public.

I upload every week new pages and tutorial outlines for high school and college students all over the world.

So, do not hesitate and subscribe to my Help What's New Blog. This free mini blog lets you know whenever any new webpages appear, offering you more ideas. It also points out some how to guides or pages from the past that you might have missed and want to study for sure.

Use my Speech Topics Help About Me Contact Form if you want to contact me or send me a message, remark or suggestion on oral delivery, quotes and writing. Send me your feedback, let me know if you have any questions, or if your want to use my work - that is absolutely forbidden - only with my prior consent!

My Mission Statement

Let me help you with elaborating on the proper blueprints for every public speaking occasion. I want to learn you the tips and tricks to persuade, inform, argue, debate, motivate, inspire, to honor and to commemorate.

Learn how to create ingredients for tribute, graduation, extemporaneous, college, impromptu, demonstration, visual aid, problem solution or wedding speeches:

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