3 Speech Topics For Speech Class Roadmapping

Speech topics for speech class on my travel advice and the accuracy of election polls plus ideas for arranging and grouping the main crusher arguments and  knock down and drag out proof for persuasive public speaking. 

Persuade your audience to take these precautions when they travel over the world. These are ideal speech topics for speech class peers who like to see something from the globe :-)

I. Be aware of the risk of robbery and pickpockets in cities.
  1. Don’t openly display valuables - mobile phones, digital cameras.
  2. Use a padlock on backpacks and cases.
II. Do not travel without (health) insurance.
  1. Check if your insurance covers your health and activities - not only sking, snowboarding or extreme sports.
  2. Check if you need medical vaccinations or medication.
III. Take photocopies of your passport, insurance papers and drivers license.
  1. Keep those documents separate from the originals.
  2. Ask a relative if she or he can be warned in case of an emergency.
  3. Provide her or him with contact numbers and flight data.
  4. Be aware of the driving laws abroad.

IV. Use your common sense when you take exotic food or drinks. And conclude with some kind of a checklist, and hand it out!

To more outlined speech topics for speech class:

The accuracy of polls? Give the reasons why election polls can be wrong or not quite right. I have my doubts when I read the news headlines in the last days before voting ...

I. The margin of error is lower when you interview more random people, and vice versa.
II. Errors in the method used.
  1. The weighting and balance of the age, gender, location, and party affiliation factors.
  2. The wording of the questions.
  3. The moment of calling and taking the polling interview.

There is a lot to do about the science related speech topics for speech class. I would like to advice you to this optional choice for alluring convincing: Nanotechnology tries to control atoms and molecules of something. Persuade your public that this could be a risky business and should be internationally regulated.

I. Terrorists and dictators could use molecular nanotechnology to influence our economy and environment badly.

II. The development of an arms race with so-called computerized nanoweaponry.

III. Regulation by the international governing bodies should regard:
  1. Stimulate ongoing peaceful scientific research.
  2. Make up protective stipulations and precautionary measures.