10+ Speech Topics for School + Main Arguments

Speech topics for school and tips to work out more complex and interactive approaches such as answering mobile phones and the impact of reality shows: 

  • How to discover who send you a Valentine card. Category: persuasive speech topic for school. Your forensic steps:
    If it was delivered by mail, find out who has your home address. What does the postmark reveals?
    Was the card left for you at school? It must be from a class mate.
    Is the handwriting familiair to you? Does it refer to some situation?

  • Why casino players are sad people. Category: persuasive. Possible arguments:
    They are aware they lose.
    Casinos cause frustration and stress.
    They keep playing all night long, although finding a decent daily job would be a better idea.
    They don't understand that winning big money is a one in a million chance.

  • How to stop thinking. Category: informative topic for school. The process steps:
    Clear your mind of all useless information.
    Do not label all things.
    Try hypnosis.
    Just do, act and move.

  • What can we do to live longer? Category: persuasive. Compare official population mortality facts and figures with past statistics. Main points:
    Why do people want to live longer, reasons, perceptions.
    How long do they wish to live.
    What people think they have to do for a longer life.
    Confront class with risk factors; unhealthy food and lifestyle patterns, socio-economic and genetic variables.
    The effects of government campaigns on lifestyles.
    Solutions for a better and longer life.

  • How to write a fan letter that guarantees a personnel answer. Category: informative speech topics for high school. The steps:
    Explain why the person impressed you, offer example phrases.
    Add a request for an autograph.
    Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for an easy reply.

  • Tips to answer mobile phones well at work. Category: informative speech topics for school.
    State the name of the company in accordance to the corporate policy.
    Speak polite and clearly.
    Give the caller your full attention.
    Ask if you can leave a message if you can't help.
    Before you put the caller on hold, ask for persmission.
    Ask periodically if he or she would like to continue to hold.
  • Top 5 dumbest questions and answers. Category: informative. What do you think of this attention grabbing hook, right at the start of your talk for an educational public speaking assignment, used by one of my students?

    "According to teachers, there's no such thing as a stupid question. But they are wrong. Stupid questions do exist. I want to inform you on the Top 5 of Dumbest Questions Ever Been Asked. In the end you all know what stupid questions are and what to do with them. Yes, Mr. /Mrs. (name of your speech class teacher), you too."

    Main points:
    Who asked the dumbest questions.
    In which situations.
    What possible answers can be.
    How you recognize the dumbest questions.
    How you can prevent them.
    You bet all want to hear you speak out!

  • History is enough to instill patriotism. Category: persuasive. To build your case:
    The Independence Day, the traditions, ceremonies and festivities.
    The National Flag.
    The National Anthem.
    The Constitution.
    Draw the contours of the historical context and roots, their meaning, goals. How they become what they are.

  • Reality shows are platforms to success. Category: persuasive speech topics for school. To build your case:
    Great form of entertainment.
    It brings lots of money for participants and advertisers.
    It gives a better insight into human relationships.
    Participants can fulfill their dreams in life after the show is over.

If you are required to persuade your class mates to be something, try these ideas. Category: persuasive.
  • You are the girl scout leader and they are scouts. Instruct them how to prepare for a hiking and camping trip.

  • They are town council members and you are the mayor. You support a large and expensive building project. Let them study the dilemmas, the pros and cons, alternatives.

  • They are the school board members and you are their president. You want to set 3 primary goals for next year. Let them agree.

  • Your audience members are volunteers in your local campaign to be elected as sheriff. Let them formulate a Three Point Plan for your campaign.
  • The last public speaking exercises in this tutorial on speech topics for school can result in lots of surprisingly creative homework achievements and alternative resources!