30 Speech Topics For Kids Jampacked

Speech topics for kids list including thirty ideas from alarm systems and walking in time to haunted castles for K12 public speaking education or other original lessons at school. 

These are to stimulate the imaginative skills and the flights of fancy of children, parents and teachers. Here we go:

1 The Air Force One Plane:
   the complete White House
   flying in the air.
2 The greatest roller coasters
   of the World.
3 Types of asteroids and their
4 The best outdoor birthday
   party locations.
5 Dangerous circus acts such
   as fire eating, lion and tiger
6 Coral reefs conservation.
7 The earthquake locations in
   the very vulnerable regions.
8 Flags of the world and their
   meaning to that nations.
9 Where we can find fossils.
10 Why glaciers move and
    seem like walking in time.

11 The achievements of the hubble space telescope.
12 Hurricane alarm systems.
13 What you can discover in National Parks.
14 Your picknick tips for a cool afternoon in the sun.
15 Robots take over our society.

16 The characteristics of rocks and minerals.
17 My tips to build better sand castles or sand sculptures.
18 What communication satellites do in orbit around the globe.
19 The highest skyscrapers and fantastic buildings on this planet.

Six examples of speech ideas on historical subjects. They could be turned into creative visual aid speeches:

20 The history of fireworks.
21 The history of paper money.
22 The most (Scottish) haunted castles.
23 Why the first day of April is devoted to practical jokes.
24 Why the Egyptian pyramids were built.
25 What is a dinosaur and what are the types?

Select one above or feel free to vary on these speech topics for kids and write and create the talk of the class :-) For the moment, some examples of doing things are these suggestions:

26 How to set up an tropical aquarium.
27 How to make paper airplanes that fly longer than usual.
28 How Lunar eclipses happen and why are they rare.
29 How to write a funny comic strip by yourself.
30 How caves and caverns are formed in the Ancient Era.