15 Speech Topics For High School Students Set Ups

Speech topics for high school students who have to train their public speaking skills in a training session on persuasive issues and themes. These thesis claims are certainly not my personal views and attitudes. I have selected them carefully, and written down on this page to help you brainstorming and focusing. A tip beforehand: if you have found a subject you think is appropriate, but you don't agree the side proposed: then take the opposite side. Enjoy your hunt for useful speech ideas! And you can see some more valuable step by step tips. But let us now first begin with my fifteen schooling suggestions for argumentative and sometimes even very controversial tips for school and college communication graduates: 

Tax cuts the White House administration has proposed should be made permanent.

We need a Constitutional Amendment empowering citizens to vote directly on laws that affects their lives.

Illegal immigrants should never be eligible for free public schooling.

Honesty is more important than competence for elected officials.

Before you continue: my tips for elaborating on these speech topics for high school students in a snap. After reading my ideas, take these easy steps for sketching the blueprint for an arousing public speaking training session:

  • Jot down three favorite themes.

  • Now relax, take a cup of coffee and study the possibilities thoroughly.

  • Note all thoughts about the claims that pop up in your mind. Do not try to be perfect in this preliminary stadium!

  • Do a little, basic research to obtain a view of all pros and cons related to the subject. Choose one you feel suitable to achieve the goals your instructor has listed in the public speaking assignment.

  • Make a rough outline of your main arguments. You can use my special section for outlining speech topics for high school students.

The trend of outsourcing jobs to countries with lower wages is damaging our economical efforts.

Abolish all federal regulation on guns.

What went wrong after the 2003 attack on Iraq.

The Hamas organization can not join the Israeli-Palestinian peace process negotiations.

Oil drilling in the Arctic Sea region must be forbidden.

International environmental agreements do help to reduce the earth's carbon emissions.

There always ought to be a basic health care service funded by the federal authorities.

Stay out of the Darfur region of Sudan; look what happened in Somalia!

Talking about hot regions of the speech topics for high school students could interest you even more in that case:

Venezuela will develop itself as the Second Cuba.

Imposing trade sanctions is a proven instrument to influence a nation's human rights policy.

Why our country has become safer than we think, inspite of all reports that show the opposite direction.