20 Speech Topics for Class Simplified

Speech topics for class education persuasive public speaking on lets say delivery service examination to retirement programs and informative communication projects that are assigned by your teacher. Making up your mind about something you like to share at school is doable: 


1 - Cutting back saturday mail delivery is better than closing post offices in rural
2 - Conducting human embryos-friendly stem cell research that might result in new
     medical cures should be allowed.

3 - The nation's ability to defend itself against terrorists has been significantly been
     improved in the last years.
4 - Banning all testing on laboratory animals is impossible.

5 - Global warming will not get worse any more if we keep thinking about new forms
     of preventing CO2 pollution.

6 - Make up a living will to deal with your wishes for medical treatment if you are in a
     coma-like state.

7 - The Pentagon should reintroduce the military draft for men ánd women.
8 - Animals deserve some protection from exploitation and harm.

9 - Why Iran and North Korea form really serious nuclear threats to the western
10 - Wealth should be more evenly distributed in society.


11 - The characteristics of
       the best running shoe.

12 - How cable television

13 - The common grounds for
       Christian and Muslims.

14 - Benefits of a social
       contract between
       employers and workers
       on healthcare and
       retirement programs,

15 - The scientific evidence
       of extraterrestrial life on
       Mars explained.

16 - Michael Jordan, the greatest male athlete in the world of sports.
17 - Three icons in the history of rock & roll.

Three more homework speech topics for class assignments:

18 - What crime scene investigators do on a crime scene.
19 - How alternate fuels could provide cleaner energy then the fuels we use now.
20 - What is a calorie and the equivalent in joules?