2 Speech Topics For a College Presentation

Speech topics for a college talk plus the two outlines on how to impress people and ways to enhance campus life plus viewpoints of these university college speech ideas for public speaking: 

Often they say: There is no second chance to make a first impression.
So, what do you think of explaining your fellow college students in speech class several ways to ensure they can make a good first impression. Here is the outline I suggest to take as a starting point:

I Smile all the time.
  1. By smiling you send a positive message.

  2. Be yourself.

  3. Example: everybody can even hear you smiling over the telephone ...
II Shake firm.
  1. Give a firm handshake with your - dry - hand.

  2. Tell your name loud and clear. (Keep smiling)

  3. Wait till the other person states her or his name.
III Eye contact.
  1. Look into her or his eyes.

  2. Try to pretend if the other one is the most important person for you right now at this very moment.

  3. You personality will shine through your smile and eye contact.
IV Be interested.
  1. Memorize the name of the other and drop it a couple of times during the conversation.

  2. Ask about things that interest her or him.

  3. Avoid to talk too much about your own opinions, ideas and pet peeves.
Another sample outline of successfull speech topics for a college presentation can be:

Sure, yes, there are ways to enhance your life on a college or university campus. Do your best and show your audience, including the public speaking professor, what should be done!

I More facilities.
  1. A coffee shop with a nice terrace.

  2. Pool or outdoor table tennis tables.

  3. A bookstore in the library.

  4. Some kind of a chill hangout place or wellness room.
II Decoration.
  1. Fresh wall coverings or paintings.

  2. New and better furniture.

  3. Plants for a homelike ambiance.
III The tie with the outer world.
  1. Invite organizations from the outer community to use the campus rooms for their meetings and events.

  2. Invite more postgraduated students from other countries and places and enrich common experiences.

  3. Make mobile computing possible.
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