Speech Topics Concept Screened Outline

Speech topics concept sample pattern about the register steps and online application for election days to make your presentation skills more satisfactory for yourself and your instructors. This pattern is an informal method illustrates perfectly how to arrange the simple particular phases to instruct any people who want to vote and wish to know what they have to do.

The example is created for American citizens, but is easy to convert to any other country as you will understand.

Ask your election authorities in your own republic or kingdom what the designation requirements are and try to follow the lines of this speech topics concept.

Register For Voting How Does It Work?
Show your listeners the most important steps in the procedure. For this example I took the formal steps to become a United States active registered voter.

But my visitors come from all over the world. I advise our other world-citizend to ask your local or federal election governing body what the exact steps are in your country:

I. The eligibility qualifications and conditions.
A person who wants to vote have to be:
  1. A United States citizen;

  2. 18 years by December 31 of the year in which you register. In addition address you must be eighteen at the day of the election for all districts or constituencies;

  3. Your address must be your home address for at least at least calendar month before the election day;

  4. A free person, in other words - not jailed or released on parole for a serious crime;

  5. Free from the right to vote elsewhere, at an other place.

  6. Do it at least seven weeks before an election, in case your request is rejected you have enough time for an appeal.

II. You can register in person , online or by mail. Again this speech topics concept deals with the US mandatory clauses. It could be different in your homeland.
  1. In person: go to a public office such as the town hall, and public assistance agencies who are designated for this job.

  2. By mail, fill in the online application form, print it and send it to your state or local election office.

  3. Online: go to the site of the election committee and see if there is a possibility.

III. Special requirements and qualifications to think of when enroll officially for the first time:
  1. Are prepared to have a document that is designed to be proof of identification:

    1. A valid photograph - good looking is not a requirement :-)

    2. A current bill of a public utility company, a recently received bank statement, or an official government letter with your first and surname and address.

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Good luck with demonstrating your presentation skills when you are standing in the speaking spotlights talking on your speech topics concept!