3 Speech Topic Lists in One Package

Speech topic lists created with the brainstorming techniques called mapping, clustering, and webbing resulting in a public speaking idea list with sub-speech topics on economic matters, health issues, amber alerts, and the carbon footprint any debate session that is important! The first column is a good general idea. You could start mapping and clustering!  

Than there is the second one. It contains examples of a speech outline of arguments. They also could serve as an individual speakers' item for high school. I did some new primitive brainstorming that simplifies work: 

The third speech ideas series column gives you more specific things to talk about.

They are also useful arguments for a specific speech presentation. My series of written items are easy to handle.

While reading, do scroll to the end of this page, because you never know what public speaking idea list attracts your attention and can be valuable for your respected audience!


Fishing Fishing industry Where does the fish on your dinner plate come from?
Aquaculture Which is better? Farm raised fish vs. wild caught.
Recreational Catching wild fish without a rod.

Freight Railway Rolling highway trains are the future for freight carrying.
Air transport Excess baggage and overseas removals.
Waterborne Shipping freight by water has many environmental benefits.

Poverty Millennium Development Goals Development countries can escape from the poverty trap.
Current situation Politicians often manipulate poverty lines.
Causes Structural adjustment is one of the main causes of poverty.
UNICEF Reducing poverty starts with helping children first.


Breast Cancer Key statistics Incidence, mortality, and chances for survival.
Risk factors The average risk of developing breast cancer.
Screening Mammography could detect breast cancer early.

Diet and Nutrition Eating disorders Fighting Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating.
Obesity and weight loss Dangers of bariatric surgery, e.g. gastric banding.
Calories and joules In beverages, meats, legumes, fruit, vegetables.

Leading Causes of Death Cardiovascular diseases Causes, types, treatments.
Infectious and parasitic diseases Preventive measures for protection.
Respiratory diseases Asthma, infections like influenza, etc.


Amber Alerts Guidelines for authorities When to issue an AMBER Alert?
Raising awareness How you can make the public to help the police.
Successful recoveries The first time the alert was issued, how it ends.

Assistance for Needy Families Single-mother households The effect on children.
Provide Thanksgiving dinners for needy families Local shopkeepers could sponsor free boxes containing vegetables and canned food.
Federal assistance programs Kinds of help programs and their criteria and profiles.

Life Expectancy Health and well-being How to add quality years to your life though?
For males and females The facts and figures of the UN World Population Prospects.
Life expectancy in our nation compared with ... (country) The one child policy explained.

Remember: you have to like it, it should fit the occasion and / or assignment, and it should be interesting for listeners. That is the classical rhetoric Rule of Three! So, what do you think of:

Oliver Wendell Holmes Lecturer speech topic lists contradictive thinking and saying


Carbon Footprint Emissions Countries compared worldwide lowest/highest What cities are the most polluted?
The average carbon footprint of a person. Recreation and leisure activities are important aspects.
Carbon emissions trading The working of the carbon market.

Water Supply The Ancient Romans The famous Roman Aqueducts that carry water to cities.
Water, sanitation and hygiene in development countries. The program of the World Health Organization to educate hygiene behaviours and adequate sanitation in e.g. hospitals and schools.
The growing water needs for the industrial and agricultural development. The benefits for poverty reduction, food security, and sustainability if the government regulate supply.

Bird Monitoring Bird monitoring helps conservation. Important sites and habitats that are important for birds.
Migratory birds Migration routes, stopover places, and seasons.
Evaluation of nesting sites. How the Bald Eagle became America's national symbol.