25 Speech Topic For Public Speaking Positions

Take a speech topic for public speaking you like from my list of informative presentation schemes from air travel to the Bible and persuasive like about video games. Two tips: you can develop a subset of writing topics by limiting or restrict the subject or issue.

Another method is also worth to try out. I explain it in a moment. It is even a faster way to go straight to your goal: 

That is particularize and specify certain issues or decisions regarding one of the speech topic ideas. State the complexity, the problems, effects, and actions that have been taken by governing bodies. Now, determine if each of the following persuasive statements is a possible speech topic for public speaking.
  1. It is important to keep up to date with current political affairs.

  2. Conspiracy theories are nonsense.(E.g. the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati)

  3. We ought to make our communities more livable.

  4. The media misrepresents science in so-called documentaries.

  5. Prevent foot swelling during air travel.

  6. Restrictions on weapons trade must be more severe.

  7. Lets make the government more accountable.

  8. Video game playing becomes an addictive and isolating activity.

  9. Should we free all information covered under copyright and patent laws?

  10. Make a good choice on life values as the Bible tells us that most people believe are important.
The presentation topics 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 above are very suitable for a motivational speaking assignment. Now topics for a speech in which knowledge and information is transfered. An informative speech topic for public speaking can be:
  1. Little known places in ... fill in your favorite city.

  2. The relationship of church and state.

  3. Five ideas for a cool dance party.

  4. Conditions for round the world flying tickets.

  5. Mardi Gras types that are related to traditional Carnival celebrations.

  6. What to do to prevent stress.

  7. What are the commonly used video game genres?

  8. Secessionist movements around the world.

  9. The history of rock 'n roll.

  10. Botanical gardening.

  11. Tips to motivate your audience to purchase healthy running shoes.

  12. The basic human rights are ... Or point out one universal human right and make it specific presentation topics.

  13. How to choose safe video games for kids.

  14. What are micronations? (E.g. the Principality of Sealand, Republic of Minerva)

  15. How to deal with corporations that recruit cheap employees on college campuses.

Cannot choose right now? Browse my education resources further on more speech topic for public speaking for example on motivational speaking issues, and I bet you find a the one you think is cool :-)