5 Speech Therapy Ideas
That Really Work

Speech therapy ideas to cure fear of public speaking with these five anxiety tips and healing techniques. I use them all the time as self-help therapist training when I prepare myself for a stage performance, and believe me or not, they are not that theoretical as the seem to be ... 


Just before you are called to speak in public, inhale deeply to bring oxygen to your whole body. Try to hold your breath for 3 to 4 seconds, and then breathe out slowly.

Perform this three or four times in a quarter of an hour when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety. And when you approach the stage take a deep breath again, this makes your voice sound less quivery. And makes you smiling! 

"Once upon a time I was in a country abroad and I was invited to speak on the subject of stage fright. I had prepared a coherent analysis and just when I walked to the microphone I suddenly realized that I was applying the same tricks as I wanted to convey in my central message. So, I used that eureka-feeling as a kick-off for my talking. And everyone in the meeting room grasp the idea at once. You have seen their faces! Now it is up to you to decide if you want to practice these healing speech therapy ideas :-) It made me feel like newborn!"


The number two action is non-action actually: try to think some pleasant, relaxing thoughts. And, listen to music that relax you - like sports athletes do when they prepare for their performance.

Count slowly to 10 before you start speaking. Meanwhile, keep thinking you are in control now, because you have practiced all the curing and healing speech therapy suggestions.

Be sure. Think: there is nothing more to be done, I have made all the preparations I could foresee.


The mother of all speech therapy ideas. Avoid hassles and stressful activities. Get sufficient sleep the night before. Sometimes it helps to read a chapter of a nice book you like.

Anyway, do not think about the speech topics you want to discuss and visualize your podium success. Just try to sleep well!


Do workouts for a couple of weeks before the important occasion as prefab healing in advance. Sports will make you feel better, mentally and physically. Other therapy ideas for a steady preparation are:
  • Warm up your voice shortly before you are to deliver the vocal presentation, for example sing or hum a favorite song. It will prevent any speaking delays when you are in front of an audience.

  • Stretch your back, shoulders and neck.

  • Wave your arms like a crazy windmill.

  • Make tongue twisters.

Visit a phobia therapist training session if you severly suffer from any communication expression anxiety. He or she often can help you to change all negative and anxiety thoughts into a positive approach.

A professional has numerous vocal-focused speech therapy ideas and activities. Disclaimer: I offered merely information - not advice. If you need medical advice, do consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional.