Speech Preparation Outline Problem-Solution-Cause-Effect

Speech preparation outline tutorial including tips for arranging speech topics in the problem solution and the cause effect, and the Monroe Motivated Sequence speechwriting format. There are three types of outlines, I shall examine briefly them in the next notices: 

I. In the Problem Solution pattern you create a visible representation of an issue, an awkward or uncomfortable situation, a highly expensive or stressful matter, that needs to be fixed and solved once and for all.

And you offer a solid plan to resolve it from wich the listeners cannot run away.

I like to frame this in the attractive term silver bullet, it should be the most logic and guaranteed answer on difficulties they and the public speaker could think of.

Drafting a speech preparation outline for a public speaking presentation according to this method is strikingly productive for any student, or my worldwide Toastmaster International collegues who wants to prepare and concentrate on the skills for motivational talks:

E.g. The attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder could be cured by a balanced
E.g. Adoptees who search for their biological parents should be given unrestricted
      access to orphanage databases.

II. The second is the Problem Cause Effect formula. It not only describes what is/went wrong, but also chalk out the principal culprits - the root causes, plus the bottlenecks the situation brought about. In your closing text you give prevention advice and a road map for handling any future situations:

E.g. Judicial self-help leads to anarchy and destroys our nation.
E.g. Animal cloning produces severe risks for our food safety.

III. The third way is to arrange your items beforehand in a speech preparation outline in which you try to persuade - is the Monroe Motivated sequence. Call for action or immediate changes:

E.g. Rich countries must fund local doctors in developing nations who have to
      deal with the AIDS-troubles by facilitating free medicine.
E.g. Anorexia Nervosa girls should receive palliative care to alter their self-image

Speech Outline Example
Topic title:
Your specific purpose statement: do you want to persuade a fact, value, or policy?
Problem Solution Speech Preparation Outline Problem Cause Effect Method
Attention Device
Tie to The Audience
Build Credibility
Describe the issue at stake
Give examples, statistics, severness, consequences, size, who is affected, why should they care?
Present a good solution. Why is your fixing strategy the best? What changes in policy you are proposing? Offer expert testimonies, examples, illustrations etc. Show the reasons. Describe the current status and proof it with reliable evidence.
Tell what the most obvious disadvantages or objections are. Deal with these speech topics carefuly.
What do you want them to do or change? What is your call for action? Present the undesirable outcomes of the antecedent.
Review the headings of the pressure points, (the causal agents), and the success of your implementation proposal (and/ or the chain of similar unwanted events)
Memorable Closer
Concluding Device
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Library and internet sources used to write this speechwriting format.