3 Speech Outline Example
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Speech outline example to show you how to write in a physical, spatial and geographical order and specific formulas leant from designs by data warehouses for developing your prime speech topics. 

The main criterion is: just pick one arranging pattern out of the types below only when the headings of your speaking topic clearly are related to material things, areas and places or regarded to space and dimension:


Describe the parts of an object in a logical way from the top to the bottom or vice versa, or from floor to floor, room to room.

E.g. Describe a house, building or megastructure. However, you can choose to move in your text from the front to the back of the structure, and from the sides to the center.

E.g. Another pattern is size sequencing; proportional plan from smallest to largest of objects extents or v.v.

E.g. The parts of a car engine.

E.g. The magnitude and intensity of an earthquake below sea level and vigorous energy.


Show how things are related geographically. Describe places, geographical regions or locations in the order of their relative direction to eachother. From left to right, north to south, east to west. Or follow another direction - proceed from one place to the another.

E.g. start with the suburbs, then move to the city itself and end downtown.


Visualize how things are related in space. Go from the general to specific speech topics. Organize your point and subpoints according to their two or three dimensional width, height, lenght varables and relative position. Use a poster, a chart or other writing empowering visual aids to show relative distances.

E.g. the universe, move to the stars, the position and concordance to a specific zodiac sign.

The surrounding surface or regional formula is often prompt applied in informative addresses. A lot of data warehouses use it to design, and the plan is also applied by entertainment and extemporaneous public speakers:

Title: __________________
General Purpose: __________________
Specific Purpose: __________________
Central Idea: __________________

Attention getter related to your motif, speak out the purpose, elicit belief in your talents by offering some background information about your skillfulness, and forecast the upcoming speech topics.

Group your leading points in a clear comprehensible order, see the speech format above.

Summarize the complete writings and make concluding remarks.

Homework tip: limit yourself to a maximum of 5 major points just like this speech outline example. Determine which one is the right to let your public speaking skills prosper: dimensional, areal or material.

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