20 Speech Impromptu Topics
Top Level

Speech impromptu topics from contrasting leadership to summarizing student assessment tests for high school and college education assignments on twenty of the best speech topics for unrehearsed moments of being in the spotlight. See for more help and explanatory reminders on the task duty words I use (they are often used by instructors and teachers in assigmnents) my impromptu groundworks. 

Analyse → Examine the distinctive components of a strong business logo or graphic signing campaign.
Argue → Reject the idea of one standard national ID card for every citizen in every state.
Assess → Why and how a solicitor assesses the value of a compensation for the consequences of a car crash injury, e.g. a whiplash, broken teeth or missing fingers.
Compare → Identify the characteristics and qualities of effective and bad school principals. Or choose other school or college authorities to write speech impromptu topics.
Contrast → Emphasise the differences between ordinary management and true leadership qualities.
Criticize →

Give your judgement about the Oscar Academy Award for best picture winner Slumdog Millionaire.
Define → State the precise meaning of the somewhat abstract term integrity and good governance.
Describe → Present a detailed account of the ingredients of a good memo post-it message, short for memorandum.
Discuss → Judge the for and against arguments of decriminalizing prostitution practices.
Enumerate → Offer an actions checklist to communicate a strategy for active ageing of pensioners to the group.
Evaluate → The utility of learning mathematics at school for later life.
Explain → Reveal how information bias starts and why.
Illustrate → Show how our patent system works with examples.
Interpret → The importance of nutrition facts for popular McDonald's menu items.
Justify → Explain the grounds for the importance of marketing research.
Outline → The causes of the Battle of Gettysburg, in July 1863. This one of the easiest speech impromptu topics :-)
Prove → The truth about the ancient and lost city of Atlantis story.
Review → Report about your experiences during the last annual regional festival you visited.
Summarize → The principles and indicators for good student assessment tests or admission exams. The functioning of tutoring services are also nice speech impromptu topics for examination.
Trace → The five sequential stages of grief as formulated by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying - denial, anger, negotiating, depression and acceptance. Some scientists say there are not five, but seven. Sort it out.