20 Speech Class Topic Solutions

Speech class topic list including more than twenty originals from a slow cooker to fashion trends and all in between for writing sessions in high school: 

1. Special Archives - the Vatican, Library of Congress, what you have to do to enter.

2. Literature and Poetry - what are reasons certain authors, speakers or poets are popular?

3. Advertising - do new ways of advertising work?

4. Artificial Intelligence - how can it be helpful to us and what are the dangers?

5. Genealogy - how to build a family tree as wall decoration.

6. Conventions - why we live as we live in this world, and do every day what we are supposed to do, narrow down this speech class topic.

7. Cooking - show you favorite recipe in your high school speech class by applying the slow cooker gear.

8. Martial Arts - the roots of the different types. Very good speech topics to demonstrate.

9. Flags of the World and their stories, issues and meanings.

10. Museums - special exhibitions in your neighbourhood your public must see.

11. Historical Maps and their meaning. Compare them with contemporain maps.

12. Weather - how forecasts are made by meteorologists.

13. Astronomical Signs and their meaning througout the centuries.

14. Climbing Walls - what it learns you with this indoor sports.

15. Polar Regions - choose the North or South pole and make the chance to survive your speech class topic in icy and freezig wheather conditions.

16. Urban Legends - about who and what in folklore myths, and how they evoluate over time.

17. Folkloristic events and their historical context.

18. Philanthropy - the role of it in society.

19. Darts - Explain the rules and rating of this throwing game, and be interactive by playing a sample set. Beware of the sharpness of the arrows and supplies, safety first of course!

20. Silent Movies - why and when they fall, what marked the beginning of the end?

21. Fashion Trends - what's in wearing at high school speech class the next autumn / winter - spring / summer season?

22. African Dances - show them and tell about the backgrounds and purposes. E.g. the rain dance, the Mouwa, the Adzogbo. Do not show the steps yourself in the speech class topic - they often are sacred and holy rituals - but perhaps you can let them watch a short video.

23. Stunts - how to set up and perform safety in the Hollywood and Bollywood movie scenes.

24. Special Holidays in other Countries, each can result in one special idea.