20 Speech Class Ideas Channeled

Speech class ideas on forcible subjects as there are addicted sportmen, an alcohol tester or the fossil fuel crisis for college style public speaking purposes and high school communication class. Pick out the statement of your choice: 

1. The primary goal for the United Nations in Afghanistan should be building a stable democratic government that is a self-supporting and solid financing system.

2. Take the Greyhound or a train and avoid the hassle at air ports, such as unconvenient passenger screening troubles. (Always nice speech class ideas - airport bother)

3. Sportsmen who are addicted to gambling should not be elected into any sports Hall of Fame to honor illustrious persons because they are not qualifying.

4. More parental involvement in educational achievement can / can not prevent school shootings in the long term.

5. I oppose Obama's government ending the trade embargo against Cuba.

6. Racial profiling at airports does not prevent any terrorist attack.

7. Alcohol can cause more trouble than you can think of. Convince your public to keep an alcohol tester permanently in their cars.

8. China is a major negative economic threat to the western countries / is a welcome boosting example to stimulate lazy countries. (Also fine speech topics by the way: regions that are not investing in maintaining a good infrastructure.)

9. I do not have / do have any confidence in faith-based charitable organizations. Offer specimem with mission statements.

10. Wiretapping telephone conversations of suspected terrorists without a court order is wrong. Look up the statistics in your own country, you will be surprised what numbers you uncover, you audience will be silent ...

11. Why I oppose any state regulation that would lower the drinking age to 18 years.

12. It is now more expensive to fly due to the global warming myth.

13. Global warming of the fossil fuel crisis does not affect my air travel plans.

14. We should be grateful to the quality that education students receive in kindergarten through grade 12. You can opt for examining the upper part of secondary education only to generate separate speech class ideas.

15. Environment protection should be given priority above our energy needs.

Specific moral issues for oral speech class ideas could be on:

16. Late term or partial birth abortion in the final stage of pregnancy should be kept legal/ not at all.

17. The Freedom of Choice Act and its effects are okay / wrong.

18. Abortion should be legal under under certain circumstances / or state No way, Jose.

19. The death penalty does not lower the murder rate / has influenced the number of fatal casualties in inner cities.

20. Human cloning for laboratory research and medical transplants should be allowed.