17 Speech Class Help Quotes

Speech class help with persuasive public speaking on the best moral social and foreign policy speech topics and financial funding for corporations issues in high school room or even Toastmasters competition contests: 

1. Cloning will be the solution to preserve endangered flora and fauna, and wildlife species. Show them the positive sides of biological research in laboratories.

2. Make the penalties more obsolete by replacing them with better rules in order to diminish underage age drinking rates.

3. The five causes of the school shootings and other violent incidents in the past five years. Examine them and make a final adjudication.

4. It is good that the Guantanamo Bay military prison has been closed.

5. I want abortion laws to continue in the same state as they are / or not.

Four speech class help speech topics on our economy business related issues:

6. Increase the financial funding for corporations to develop the best alternative sources such as solar and wind energy.

7. Greed and excessive desire for possessions among corporate business executives are responsible factors and plot elements for the widespread current economy blues.

8. China is the world's next leading, directing and guiding economic power in 2020.

9. New government and state regulation and regular audits of large corporations can help to control business excesses.

Other subject that have turned out to be best ideas to talk about:

10. The use of humiliating and degrading techniques during a military interrogation should be according to the international Geneva Convention agreements.

11. Most athletes who use steroids are often not aware that the chemical activators substances are actually hormone affecting steroids that they pump into their body ...

12. Our parents should not be afraid of our safety at our high school and / or campus.

13. News reports on recent school shootings provoke copycat behaviour: imitating or repeating recent occurrences.

14. The lethal injection to execute prisoners sentenced to death is cruel.

Specific factual speech class help ideas on Afghanistan to persuade your audience:

15. If the foreign troops withdrew, the Islamic State of Afghanistan will fall under control of the Taliban, the fundamentalist Muslim group that controll the border area with Pakistan.

16. The United States will establish a stable situation in Afghanistan within the next decade.

17. The international group of associated nations sharing common interests should reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan.