4 Speaking Topic Outline Ideas Redesigned

Speaking topic ideas and outline patterns on alcohol related traffic injuries, safe sunbathing, group studying and homesickness, whenever you need some intellectual nourishment for persuasion writings in class. 

Alcohol Related Traffic Injuries Could Be Diminished With a Cocktail of Actions

This mix could reduce drinking-and-driving related fatalities:
  1. Economic
    1. Alcohol taxation.
    2. Price of alcohol.
    3. Regulations of opening hours.
    4. Reduction of alcohol availability.
  2. Legal
    1. More police sobriety checkpoints.
    2. Lower BAC laws.
    3. General minimum legal drinking and purchase age laws.
    4. Certification of alcohol servers.
  3. Media
    1. Restrict alcohol promotion.
    2. Counter advertising regarding health warnings.
  4. Education
    1. Implementation in drug and addiction high school education programs.
    2. Limit the availability of alcohol on the campus.
    3. Health warnings in schools, companies, and communities (This main point could be a speaking topic for your next public speaking presentation ...)

Safe Sunbathing Is a Must in Sunshine States
  1. What are sunshine states: e.g. Florida, New Mexico, California, South Dakota, and the Australian state of Queensland.

  2. The steeper angle of sun rays leads to higher degrees of UV-radiation on your skin. The risk to get Melanoma tumors is higher.

  3. Melanoma incidence rates by state (research the official fact sheets about skin cancer, make a comparison)

  4. The number of deaths from Melanoma.

  5. Call to action steps and tips for sun safety:
    1. Use at least a 30 sun protection factor
    2. Reapplication of sunscreen every hour, and more if you swim or sweat
    3. Consult your doctor
    4. Improve sun safety behaviors at tourist sites
    5. Classroom lessons based on the free Sun Wise Tool Kit
With this persuasive idea you will impress your teacher or college professor:

It is better to study with a group of college students.
  1. Gain a deeper understanding of education material.

  2. Share perspectives an explain things out loud to eachother.

  3. Share talents and practice presentation skills.

  4. Find the best possible solutions for problems and tasks.

  5. Makes group members support eachother.

  6. It is fun, socializing your homework.

  7. Helps to avoid procrastination.

  8. Other advantages are:

And here is a sample speaking topic to convince your public to think in a different way, based on the factual motivational reasoning technique:

Homesickness Is Not Pose
  1. What do people suffering from homesickness feel:
    1. Bad feeling in their stomach.
    2. Loneliness.
    3. Unhappyness, downhearted.
    4. Anxiety.
    5. Headache.
    6. Depression.

  2. Longing for home - speaking topic on homesickness - could be caused by:
    1. Missing the sense of security and comfort that comes from your family, friends, and home.
    2. You feel your parents or other relatives are anxious about your welbeing when you are away.
    3. School stress or a major loss in life.
    4. New environing things, circumstances, conditions.
    5. Overcome completely in mind or feeling.