15 Short Speech Topics

Short speech topics list with an easy informative innovative approach built on you own power fields for any special occasion for which you face fear of public speaking because you have to come up with a five minute lecture. The big secret for all public speakers is straightforward: stay as close as you can to your pet peeves (affliction and angry resentment are good sources) and / or rather optimistic suppositions.

Let me add nine further points to accentuate the simplicity of sharing knowledge in a strong and wide range to be a confident speaker.
E.g. narrate:

1. who you are.
2. what you like to do.
3. what school or college you attend.
4. what you do very well.
5. what your skills are.
6. what your hobbies are.
7. what your favorites things to talk about are.
8. what your future goals are.
9. what your accomplishments are.

Here are more tips for great short speech topics. Yes, I know, they seem to manifest little sense or intelligence to be true.

But believe me, this innovative approach can work very effectively if you have to give a concise text to persuade. E.g. recount:

a. about your pet peeve.

b. about your special experiences and your recommendations.

c. what you like or absolutely do not like.

d. about a problem you see in the community, and give the disposition of the

    troubling factor and the benefits of adopting your suggested fix.

e. about your concerns on important issues in your neighborhood.

f. about a project you want to substantiate and the help you need.

Use this mini example short speech topics outline for an abridged lauch:

1. Introduce the abbreviated topic statement.

2. Support the statement in two or three boiled down paragraphs, five sentences

    each will do by far the majority of the jobs.
3. Conclude and summarize the main points of your curtailed topic.

These sample short speech topics are your - what I call - Power Fields. The power is in you, and you are a master of your own human activity and interest fields.

They meet the following public speaking criteria:

  • They stay close to your interests. They are about you. And only you can eagerly exploring all aspects and talk about them with genuine enthusiasm.

  • They fit your ability level and competencies and / or knowledge sectors.

  • Because they unequivocally are you, you will discover that the nerves and fear of public speaking will vanish as soon as you start your presentation.

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