Shirley Chisholm Address

by Jesenia
(New York)

This was delivered under the title Equal Rights and is retrieved from Congressional Records of the presentation "Equal Rights for Women" the Hon. Shirley Chisholm held May 21, 1969 in the House of Representatives. See further on the speech topics and details below.

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eVoting on Distance
by: Yaika, Sweden

Imagine the voters abroad at business or education campuses and in oversea embassasies. They vote by envelope or the net. Habitually a couple of days befor - lets say - Super Tuesday - the day on which millions of people exert the right to decide who may representate them in one of the two chambers in parliament.

by: Yorkshire Lass

It is as relevant today (2011) as it was then - even though we have equal rights, we are now loosing the protection Equal Rights was supposed to give us.

Bio Documentary
by: Isabella, FL

Yes sure indeed, here is a video of Shirley, who announce her candidate program in church. This is a short bio documentary of het life and works. It is worth looking. Her ideas are very actual right now in the 21st century.

by: Anonymous

Did you know that Chisholm's commencement was given after she was elected in '68 as the first black woman to Congress? And that she was the first black and woman politician who run for the Democratic presidential nomination? Her campaign was titled: Unbought and Unbossed.

by: Tiffany

I think it was awesome she really knows what she is talking about and I agree with her a 100 per cent.

by: shabnam

If she is really alive then she should keep on writing.

Still relevant
by: monique

The sad thing is that so much of this is still relevant today! Amazing that she had the bravery and insight to do this. Brilliant!

wow how cool is that
by: Anonymous

wow that was a lot to say. i would not remember all of that. hi im in the 5 grade in i am you for black history mounth. have a nice day.

by: Anonymous

hey, i am doing this project about her and i can't find out anything about her.

by: Anonymous

It is very powerful.

where is remainder of speech?
by: wmbii

Where is the remainder of the text? It seems prematurely terminated.

by: Tongan

Wow; I cant believe it, it still excists today and it did happen!! I love the text!

Susan B. Anthony
by: Karen, Chicago, ILL. Cook

Women rights to vote. That is the theme in the great Susan B. Anthony talk in the same chapter.

Famous Speaker
by: Jesenia

I wouldve never known who this person was, until I had to do an oral on a legendary speaker. And I have to say, im proud of who she was back then, and what she tried to accomplish.

Hear Hear
by: Johanna

Exciting to notice that her speech topics are really actual today!

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