5 School Graduation Speech Topics

School graduation speech topics and the five absolutely do nots when writing a commencement address for and edu diploma and delivering it using your oral speaking skills. One big thing to do is to include everyone in your oral, not just your peer group.

Do not just mention the jocks because of a winning football team - for example bring up the nerdy guys on the debate team. Do it tastefully, not in an insulting way. Make sure to recognize all the cliques, since everyone has a part in building the school experience.

Make your splendid graduation text relevant. Try to connect it to the popular culture of the people present and to the common sense.

Now it comes to your oral speaking skills, there are some things you better can avoid as school graduation speech topics. I mention them here for once in some sort of countdown; in order of importance:

5. Yourself. What, you ask? Yes, do not speak about what YOU have done. Make sure that you are more aware of your classmates than your own accomplishments.

The fact that you are talking at the ceremony of conferring edu diploma should be enough recognition of yourself.

4. Don't mock your fellow classmates or teachers in public. This is not the time or place for such roast and toast anecdotes.

No matter how common the knowledge is that a student has done a deed, do not bring it up now. There is an expectation that everyone should graduate with dignity, and no matter how much you have been offended, keep yourself mum during your formal address.

3. When using inside jokes or some funny ideas, remember that your group might get it, but you are speaking to a larger audience. Keep codes to a minimum to include the entire audience - all mums, dads and grandparents included.

2. Don not try to give too much advice or any official notification or opinion about what should or could be done about some situation or problem.

You are on the adventure with everyone else, and even though you may feel that you bring worldly wisdom it might turn out sounding silly. It spolis your oral speaking skills. Make sure that you keep your content at your level of life experience.

1. And the absolute number one to avoid as school graduation speech topics is this - often said, but often misunderstood too: no cliches! It is tempting to fall back on often used phrases. Don't do it.

It might be okay to insert one discretely, but do not make a speaking engagement full of one-liners. This shows no effort on your part, and does not give you the authenticity it deserves.

Well, did you know that most of these school graduation speech topics tips are also useful for any other public speaking event ... they happen to be teacher-proof :-)