10 Salutatorian Speech Ideas

Salutatorian speech template including ten speech topics on remarkable collective achievements and commencement exercise tips for the graduating student with the second highest academic rank. Often she or he is the first speaker at the graduation ceremony.

These public speaking ideas will help you writing your salutatory. The past, the future, fine memories, thank you's and wishes are the core of this public speaking type.

In the end I offer tips for delivering your salutatorian address smoothly at 8th grade, high schools or colleges.

1. The universal greeting formula is an easy plain and simple one sentence phrase to launch yourself in the spotlights : Welcome fellow graduates and family, faculty, and distinguished guests! And proceed with reflecting a bit on the unprecedented moment for many attendees.

Why is this moment special for you and your class mates? Relate your salutatorian speech topics to common efforts, some unforgettable and remarkable collective achievements, and colloquial feelings about graduating and departing.

2. Address the past. Give a brief insight in school life - its funny parts. Highlight the milestones. Summarize all in a oneliner that your fellow graduates and you can cherish the rest of your life. Congratulate all.

3. Thank your friends. Tell in your salutatorian speech what they did for you and how you appreciated it.

4. Thank your teachers. Mention your favorite teachers. Tell the listeners what you like about them and what made them special. Emphasize the lessons of the past and honor the merits of the educational institution.

5. Thank your parents and / or other family members. Thank them for the support they gave you. Tell the audience how they did support you, present an example during study time.

6. Thank those present for coming tonight. Explain why you appreciate their presence at the graduation or commencement ceremony.

7. Memories. Illustrate your salutatorian speech topics with memories. Tell anecdotes, short humorous stories about experiences in class, and about school or college events.

8. Future. Explain them what you want to become now. Explain who or what motivated and inspired you to go that way.

9. Inspire. Speak out a few advices or words of wisdom. Challenge them to do the same funny and interesting things. Learn them what to do not.

10. Wishes. Wish your Class all the luck they need. And finaly thank all for their attention for your occasional words.

Finally, as promised, I will give you four tips for the delivery:

1. Do not use cliché phrases at the beginning of an commencement exercise.

2. Your welcoming address should not be more than five to six minutes in length.
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3. Avoid playing the role of the perfect public speaker. That is impossible, because they do not exist. Be you, just like everybody knows you from school or college. Remember, you are the salutatorian, you do not have to act like one :-)

4. Read out loud your salutatorian speech to befriended graduate students. Listen to his or her suggestions and comments for changes in your address.