Random Things You've Never Thought Of

by Chris1
(Sawyer Gray)

Act like a blind sea horse, bring animals back to life using facial hair, create a dinasour out of burnt pop tarts and ashes, use the three unforgivable spells in harry potter, flex a bust out of a steel box, tame a huge dragon after stealing it from its true master, win a cage match against a sea lion and a goat create a weird odd monster using black magic.

More Things To Talk About
Lynn, Appelby, Leeds, UK

make-up stuff

Not apply makeup.
To text effective and clear messages.
To make a paper airplane.

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Name Change
by: Addyson, Lethbridge, Canada

Why would you change your name anyway? Because the label your parents gave you after your birth is stupid you think ... :-) Or a girls get married and want to adopt the name of her husband. From state to state the procecedure differs in lenght and forms. So you have to devise all these arrangements punctually, conjointly it will become tedious job ... Unfold the modus operandi in your country of province and write a public talkative around it. Take them by the hand and proffer the path to virtual changing names. I took these steps: filling in the legitimate form. Typewrite a compelling stimulant motivation or motif. Besides your place of stay and your birth town is a snappy formulated wish the heart of the request. What is the fee for the local court house you have to serve. When the judge rejects there always is a motivation. And if not, ask for it!

by: Dan

Emphazise to dress at a public speaking delivery.

Praise The Past
by: Malony, Alberta, Canada

I am in 4-H, and this year am at a dead end for a demo topic, but here's some that I have seen in the past:

paintball - hunting - train a horse -pack a safety kit - cook (meals, dessert, anyhting really) - cake decorating - nutrients of an egg - your favourite toy - make trick sticks (a.k.a. devil sticks) make poi - change a toddler diaper - give a needle to your cattle = do a c-section on a cow
how to make goolash - woodworking (safety, how to make a shelf, etc.)

Ggood luck with your finish :) I know just how hard they are- especially if you have to talk for 8 up to even 10 minutes :(

On and On
by: Alexis, Florida

Talk on and on in your speeches for hours ...

by: Rahul, Delhi

If I will become a hotel manager, than will show and do the improvements.

by: Emilie

Manifest the best paddling and canoeing trails. in Florida. Tell what equipment, techniques and service you need.

by: Shontavia

Thread a mini sewing machine for vacation purposes?

Take Up Words
by: Anonymous

1. One must decide upon or obtain in some way the words one wishes to combine.
2. One must then break these words into their respective syllables.
3. When the above step is complete one is now at liberty to scramble these syllables as one pleases; however, the word must still flow from the tongue and retain the meanings of the original words. Note: 1. Not all the syllables must be used.
2. This skill is most often used to fancifully create imaginary creatures. E.g. Refrigerator + Giraffe + Fetus = Refrigeraffetus?

Wonderful Ideas! Splendid even!
by: S.A.R.S.

I'm a college student searching for ideas on a demonstration in hope to find a new idea to change mine on breathing meditation. I must say, I wish I would have found these ideas sooner, they are complexly, yet simply, AMAZING!

My friend really loves the dinosaur and burnt pop tarts idea. The training the dragon can be doable if you can bs your way through some psychology terms such as positive and negative reinforcement :) Regards X

by: emilypie

very nice, anyone who didn't rate this above three stars is lame. i especially like the harry potter reference.

Random Thoughts
by: Jacob, Russelville Ky

How to grow, learn, just say no when you mean no for sure.

by: Gabriel Hinks, Canada

Say what SARS stands for and research on random Severe acute respiratory syndrome sympthoms.

T-Shirt Knoting
by: Ciera, Wisconsin

Many people, usually teens, wear their t-shirts knotted up the sides. It's a common style for sporting events and club t-shirts.

Both sides are cut from the hem to the armpit. Then you cut strips on each side of the cut and tie them together. It's a cute look, that a lot of people don't know how to do.

More Undoable Things
by: Charles Puckett, Port Washington Wisconsin

create a monster with black magic.
bring animals back from the dead.
reap someones soul.
destroy someones gaurdian angel.
beat the legend of zelda in 1 hour.
train a dragon to jump.

Medical Marijuana
by: Pavan Kumar

Show that marijuana has a medicinal value to ill patients.

by: Jim

Nice Chris1, but they are obviously undoable how to ideas ... Hope to hear your solution to this nice questionnaire.

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