Rainbow Varicolored

by Dipuo
(Gauteng SA)

In my church we need to have a lot of demonstration that will help us as youth based on different themes or topics that will religiously or biblically motivate youths. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

How to Annoy People In Your Elevator
by: Chloe, Chicago

- Say 'ding!' at each floor
- Salute and say, 'welcome aboard' everytime someone gets in
- Suggest you all join in a sing-along
- Grin at another passenger and then announce:
'I've got new socks on'
- Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall, without getting off when the elevator stops.
- Make race-car noises when anyone gets in
- Meow occasionaly
- Open your bag and, while peering inside, ask,
'Got enough air in there?'
I think these are good demonstration topic and tips!

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Plea For Lower Rental Rates
by: William

A heartfelt plea for lower rental rates. That is what I want to suggest for my or your oral. There are three main reasons I want to discuss. A. the incomes of most of us has been lowered drasticly, due to the world economic crisis and the rising inflation figures. B. It is difficult for young citizens to get an affordable roof above their head. Lower amounts or percentage scales would really help to get most of us accomodated or lodged for a reasonable price. C. It wil boost the economy, as we are able to spend more money on other goods and services. As you know, money has to roll, and not hoarding. That does impoverish the total socitey in the end.

Do a Good Speech In Front Of a Speech Classroom
by: Ryan , Salem South Dakota

Good eye contact, speak clearly, and dont be scared to speak how you feel.

(These are a the true classic values of public speaking, thanks for your contribution, Ryan, Jim)

by: Derrick, Sacramento

What is a good way to start a presentation? The functional way is to list all the things that you have to start off and gather all the things you need many people think that it is an easy process. But it is a lot of working. Many ways many kids think think that it's domething you do when you are in high skool. Many teachers do not give there kids many thing that you can do an speech on and there are many out here on this site in many ways.

How to Do Stuff
by: Emma

How to eat a noodle.
How to cough up your spleen.
How to dye your pony pink.
How to bake an apple struedle.
How to get chocolate from a stranger.
How to convince a blind person you are a magical. starfish with flying powers and a donut for a face.

Music Lover
by: Rocky, Quezon City, Philippines

Because I love to listen and sing. It relaxes our minds. We can relate our life through music.

How to ...
by: Victoria, Hayward Ca

Overcome speech anxiety.

Good Tips
by: Jose, Bronx, NY,

How to tie a tie still is a classic rhetorical one:
1. Pick a memember of the audience and perform how to tie a tie on them.
2. Explain that its important for men and women to know how to do this.
3. Women should know because one day they would
have a husband or a child and they can assit them in tieing their ties.
4. Men should know so that when and occasion comes up it can be easy for them to dress up with a tie.

by: Kay kay, Illinois

homemade pies
rice krispies
homemade noodles
cooking things
homemade macoroni and chesse
homemade hamburger helper
fry an egg

by: Camden Maney, Chilton WI, USA

to make origami

How to Welcome Principal to the Sports Day Function to the College
by: Sugirtha, Pondicherry

welcome address.

My Tips
by: Jim (admin)

@ Dipuo: thanks for your reaction, I will write a page on church demonstrations soon. Till then read my informative speech topics section first.

And @ Sugirtha: read my Welcome honts, an outline including 10 speech topics to center your listeners an individual or a group of individuals in the sacred department in a congenial address.

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