My Purpose Driven Public Speaking
Book Review

Purpose Driven Public Speaking book with chronologically and topically steps on bringing speeches and presentations without fear and confidence as speech topics writing style. 

by Dr. Gary Rodriguez

(Leadermetrix, Inc - August, 2010)

ISBN 9781450727082

Review summary: a superb how to guide to preparing public speaking presentations, especially for people who do not usually like to speak in public (and who isn't? :-). In Purpose Driven Public Speaking Dr. Rodriguez addresses and fixes many real life speakers' fear situations. Everyone will recognize them. It learns you to develop compelling speech topics with a purpose. In this book review I will focus mainly on the book's purpose, contents, and authority.

What is this book about?
The 180 pages Purpose Driven Public Speaking book thoroughly capture the essence of the whole preparation and delivery process in a fun and engaging way with narrative stories. Be purpose driven, have a cause, that's the only mission statement that counts.

Rodriguez helps you to put yourself in that effective mindset, step by step. And the rewards are very simple: a clear and effective presentation without stage fear.

And after reading some enthusiastic testimonies and good user reviews on different bookstore sites, there is only one conclusion: this proven Purpose Driven approach definitely changes your way of preparing and delivering presentations.

For whom is this book made?
Whether you are an aspiring newby speaker or an active savy presenter, the work discussed will facilitate, encourage and enrich you with new insight and speech ideas.

Dr. Rodriguez states: This book, which is directed to active and aspiring speakers, teaches one how to build a purpose driven presentation from start to finish. The intended audience is anyone who has to fulfill an assignment, yes for high school and college students too.

Teachers, professors or instructors: use this method in class - the book provides a verified and organized approach for oral addresses!

How is the book organized?
Scanning the table of contents learns how the author has developed his main ideas. It is a mixture of chronologically and topically steps - similar to the stages you come across when writing speech topics from scratch. Appealing chapter names, like Four Vital Questions, Beginning at the End, the Ninety-Second Rule ...

And if you read them, they persuade you to follow the steps and rules. In the end you have convinced yourself to adopt the proposed mindset. Because you feel the fear of public speaking flowing away from your body! You are driven by a cause, a mission, not by fear.

So, I think Purpose Driven Public Speaking is a well organized standard work with concise chapters, paragraphs, and interesting facts and figures tables.

What is the author's writing style?
The book is easy to read and understand. Once I started reading it, I had trouble putting it down :-), one reviewer wrote. The writing is fresh and the content engaging.

The author covers interesting subjects in an accessible and informal way. His tone suits perfectly the intended audience.

About the author
Dr. Gary Rodriguez is the President of the LeaderMetrix consulting company that specializes in senior-level executive coaching and conflict resolution. He has more than thirty-five years of national and international public speaking experience, as speaker and coach of speakers and senior leaders of corporations, churches, and non-profit organizations.

My Recommendation
If you are a student, business worker, teacher or profesoor looking for a standard work for an new and efficient public speaking method, get this one, you will learn all you need to know to be a successful speech topics builder.

And do not forget to order the Workbook too. It is applicable to casual talks, school, college presentations and speeches at work. Reading and working out in one.

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