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Public speaking topic quickly taken and moving forward starting from your personal or professional life situations bounded in a topic blueprint for speechwriting ideas. Need one fast? Don't know what to talk about? 

I show you how to find good speech topics by yourself.

I have called it the Quick and Effective section. Follow the easy steps and in the end you have developed a speech topic that will surprise your audience.

Speeches can be about almost everything, no matter the type. For example, think about subjects, people, events, places, problems, causes and effects, and values in your community, school, college, city, state or country.

The most important guideline for a topic to keep in mind is this: research the writing topics that are interesting to you and your audience, and that meet the requirements of the occasion or assignment. Okay, it's time to go ahead, lets generate a free public speaking topic.

1. First check out the rules of the public speaking speech writing assignment. If there are no specific rules or educational requirements, then always choose for a demonstrative public speaking idea: show how to do something, how something is done, how to make something, or how something works.

In other words, show the steps of a process or parts of a sequence. Those speeches are easy to research, write and deliver.

2. Find out what you like to talk about in a short presentation speech. After that inventory you can broaden the public speaker topic. Think about favorite objects, products, people, animals, events, places, processes, procedures, concepts, policies, and special skills in your personal or professional life. Stay close to your daily habits, values and skills.

3. Find out what your listeners think are interesting public speaking speech topics. Therefore determine the interests and needs of your audience and write them down. Ask yourself: how can I inform them in a 10 minute limit? What do they want to learn? What subject do they like to hear about or know more about?

4. Now review the speaking topics short list and make a decision. Pick out the easy oral public speaking topic that is interesting to you and your listeners, and that fits the public speaking occasion well, especially if it's a topic for an after dinner.

5. Research just one new single aspect of that speech idea. Try to find a creative angle of approach. For example, look for information, statistics or facts and figures that are new to your audience.

To help researching: check your speech idea on amazing facts, figures, stories, statistics, survey results, personal and professional experiences, quotations, comparisons or contrasts. Or narrow at the benefits or advantages.

6. Make a rough speechwriting outline of arguments, pros and cons, main and sub points, steps, stages and your tips and recommendations. If you want to develop persuasive public speaking topics quickly, don't forget to the persuasion checks.

In some sort of way the same goes for fast top public speaking ideas for special occasions, like my example top 10 for best men speech ideas.

And there you are! Now you have a public speaking topic as well as a sample presentation speech topic blueprint. Jump to my outline, informative and persuasive sections for more help on developing your ideas for a thesis statement and main points.

And more general tips: Keep your eyes and ears wide open everywhere you go. Write down all speech ideas that may stuck you. After you have found your speech topic, offer some valuable tips for writing, presenting, or analyzing.

Further: use my help checks for best presentation topics.

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