Public Speaking Speech - Secrets to Build a Tie to the Audience

Public speaking speech tips on building a tie to the audience in an address based on persuasive sides such as: is downloading music online in hidden manner with a valuable tracking device permissible? Persuasion is a crucial part of public speaking. 

Whether you are persuading your audience to adhere to your beliefs or you simply want to persuade them to stick around and listen to you, persuasion is always at play. It is also an art that often takes time to master.

It is not just a matter of throwing out your ideas and having your audience embrace them.

You need to build a tie to your audience, win them over, make a connection and you will win the game. So, how do you make that connection?

There are a few guidelines that are very effective. You just need to find the ones that are good for you in the next paragraphs.

Address Their Needs
Address your audience's needs and tie your public speaking speech into that.
This works on two levels:
  • One, it shows that you not only recognize, but also address those needs.

  • And two, it speaks directly to them, making it personal.
When you get personal, you get your audience engaged. E.g. A teenager who purchases music online may feel pulled into the speech topics if you talk about the impact that illegal downloading of music has not only on the musicians, but on the fans as well.

At this time, the most popular musicians and singers are from several generations ago. This is because the musician's work is being downloaded illegally and they lose that valuable tracking device because illegal downloads are not tracked.

Address Their Interests
What interests your audience? Find a common interest in your audience and play on that. Make statements and expressions that will speak directly to your audience.

Show Them The Benefits
Show your audience what they will get out of listening to your public speaking speech. What benefits come directly to them? By showing the benefits of your public speaking topic, you have made a huge step in the direction of selling your central idea to your audience.

Show How Your Information Can Be Useful
You want to show your audience how they can use the information. It has to apply to them and they must feel that they are engaged in order for it to work.

Make sure that you show your listeners that all the information you present is useful, handy and above all that it pertains (in)directly to them.

Try to find the benefits and even solutions for problems they have, although I admit that it may not be necessarily easy to find useful things - I call it communicational education bullets - for your listeners in your public speaking speech, particularly when it comes to specific cultures and individuals.

Like Attracts Like
One thing to remember is that like attracts like. This means that if your audience is upper class with expensive cars and million dollar homes, you want to mimic them as much as possible. Use the expressions that they would use in your public speaking speech, dress the way that they do and assume body language that is as close to theirs as possible.

People respond very favorable to others who have the same hair color, body size, eye color and even how they put their hands in their pockets. It is an amazing science, but it is possible to sway your audience in your own direction.

Dorothy Sarnoff Operatic soprano finish public speaking speech listening

By using these steps to engage your listeners, you will have the audience rapt with attention and often swaying in your favor.

If you make yourself stand like many of them do, move like they do and even drink the same type of coffee that they do, you will be amazed at how many members of your audience will come on board and appreciate what you had to say in your presentation.