Public Speaking Class -
75 Hot Leads

Public speaking class ideas from astrology horoscopes to homeowners insurance and trademark protection for if you take a lesson and you have to come up with speech topics. This is inspiring for professors and teachers too: 

Ideas A - D

1. Acupuncture Methods
2. Adult Education Programs
3. Alternative School Forms and Movements
4. Architectural Styles
5. Asbestos Regulations
6. Assaults and Their Consequences
7. Assessment Techniques
8. Asteroids, the Left Overs From the Beginning of the Solar System are nice public speaking class starters no plans of action but to go into detail:

9. Asthma Cure
10. Astrology in Ancient History
11. Athletic Training Schedules
12. Atomic Energy Sources
13. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
14. Attorney General Tasks
15. Auction Houses
16. Australian Open Tennis
17. Automobile License Plate Registration
18. Bullfighting in Spain
19. Business Schools and MBA Programs
20. Caesarean Section Facts
21. Caffeine Scientific Research
22. Canals Network in Venice
23. Cannibalism in Central Africa
24. Canoeing Tips
25. Cultural Revolution in China
26. Car Design Education
27. Car Safety Features
28. Cyclones Explained
29. Danish Cartoon Row and the Political Effects
30. Darts in Local Pubs
31. Davis Cup Tennis
32. Day Care Centers: How to Choose
33. Daylight Saving Time History
34. Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran
35. Defibrillators: How They Work
36. Desert Life in Africa.

Free public speaking class ideas for an oral E - R

37. Emergency Phone Number 9-1-1
38. Enron Debacle
39. Etiquette and Manners
40. High Definition TV
41. Historic Sites in South East Asia
42. Homeowners Insurance
43. Honeymoon Trip Ideas
44. Hormones and What They Do
45. Ice Hockey Rules
46. International Film Festival Cannes
47. Kate Moss Flavors and Fragrances Line
48. Marco Polo Adventures
49. Nanotechnology
50. New Orleans Jazz
51. Nikkei Stock Average
52. Noise Pollution
53. OPEC Oil Price Trend
54. Operation Overlord World War II
55. Pope John Paul II Pontificate
56. Railroad Tracks
57. Real Estate Rules.

College public speaking class speech suggestions S- W

George Jessel English legal adviser speaking in public 58. Sleepwalking Diagnosis and Tests
59. Smallpox: Symptoms, Causes and Vaccine
60. Snakes in Asia
61. Spanish Civil War
62. Star Wars Characters
63. Summer Camp Jobs
64. Sushi Made Easy
65. Synagogues, Shuls and Temples
66. The Simpsons TV Show
67. Tour de France, Le Grand D├ępart du Tour 2013
68. Tourette's Syndrome Treatment
69. Trademark Protection
70. Twins: The Different Types
71. UNESCO City of Literature
72. Uniforms in Our Country

73. War Crimes and Tribunals
74. Weddings and Engagements
75. Wild Life Watching ...